Queen Ann Fires Off on Republican Party: The Only Solution is the Final Solution for These Cucks

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2018

When Queen Ann speaks, I listen.

If you listen closely, you can clearly hear her calling for mass graves filled with bespectacled bugman bureacrats.

This is classic Coulter.

A short summary:


Conservative long-time Republican commentator Ann Coulter made a dramatic turn when she decided President Donald Trump wasn’t keeping his promises on immigration. Now, Coulter is turning against the GOP entirely.

During a panel discussion on Fox News’ Steve Hilton’s Sunday show, Coulter and former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, both decided they were done with the Republican Party.

“You see that with the left and the elite conservatives in the Republican Party that don’t want an honest dialogue about the successes of this president,” said Chaffetz. “Instead of joining together and moving forward with specific goals to restore getting wins in the midterms, they are being disruptive in a haphazard way. ”

Coulter took her disdain to a deeper level.“I completely agree with you that we need to disband the official Republican Party. That was the point you were making and I completely agree. I’m sorry Representative,” Coulter said, turning to Chaffetz.

“Hey, I quit, so,” Chaffetz said with a chuckle.

“Everything you said is right,” Coulter said to Hilton. “It kind of depresses me because I feel like we are at the end of the campaign, because, you are right, [Trump] appealed to the people. This was the first time I hated the Republican Party. I mean, I’ve been a Republican my entire life, they were exposed as a uni-party. You’re right. Indistinguishable from the Democrats. It’s for the rich. It’s for the donors. Since he’s been president. I know he’s up against a lot, but man the swamp has been moving in!


Ann is on the ball.

She’s feeling bearish on Trump overall though. Her blog has been one long black pill winge lately. Yeah, she’s been winging, she’s been having a winge. Going on a winge, mate.

Unrelated, but I met some Australians recently that didn’t like wingeing, m8. British and Australian slang is top-notch, fookin’ sick, mate.

But because we had the whole nigger experience in America, we ended up borrowing their slang instead of making our own.

Which is a shame.

Because I can’t really describe Ann’s attitude without using the word, “winge.” It fits. Because she’s not whining. She’s not really wrong. But she’s having a winge at Trump.

I think this is how you use that word.

Whatever she’s doing though, she’s looking absolutely fabu while doing it though.

She’s like fifty and still looking fine AF.

I just worry that she’s been getting too black-pilled and it is going to age her. Following Trump is an emotional rollercoaster. No one knows what the man is going to do next.

Ann’s clearly stressed out trying to figure out if the man is going to build the Wall or not, cave to the kikes or not, get assassinated or not.

And let’s be real, we’re all stressing out here.

Trump’s gotta start delivering soon.

On the Wall I mean. Maybe in his second term we can talk mass graves. Because, frankly, I think that would be a more effective deterrent than the Wall at this point tbh.

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