Putin’s Party Wins Hard in Russian Elections

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2016

We hear constantly that Vladimir Putin is an anti-human rights, anti-democracy dictator.

And yet, almost everyone in his country loves him and votes for him.

If democracy doesn’t mean “the masses voting for the government they want,” then what does it mean?

Does anyone have any idea?

I mean, I know that it just means “rule by Jews,” but what is the official explanation for what the word is supposed to mean?

Do they even have one?


Polling stations have closed in Russia’s parliamentary, regional and municipal elections. Early results suggest the ruling United Russia party obtained 44.5 percent, according to exit polls conducted by state pollster VСIOM. LDPR came second with 15.3 percent while Russia’s Communist Party and Fair Russia obtained 14.9 and 8.1 percent respectively, the poll showed.

A further 10 parties that took part in the elections did not receive enough votes to make it into parliament, although some of their candidate could still enter parliament as a result of constituency races.

According to another exit poll by Public Opinion Foundation, United Russia, led by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, obtained 48.7 percent of the votes, followed by Russia’s Communist Party, which gained 16.3 percent.

The nationalist party LDPR also garnered 14.2 percent. Fair Russia came fourth and is the last party to enter the parliament post-election, as it obtained 7.6 percent of the vote while other parties did not clear the 5 percent threshold, the poll showed.

With 10 percent of votes counted, early results suggest that the ruling United Russia party heads the polls with 45.95 percent, followed by right-wing party LDPR with 17.4 percent and the Russian Communist Party with 16.76 percent. Fair Russia comes fourth with 6.36 percent, the Russian Central Elections Committee said.

United Russia is Putin’s party.

LDPR is a far-right party which generally supports Putin but thinks he isn’t hardcore enough. Interestingly (for Westerners), the Russian Communist Party is also effectively a far-right party, with regards to social issues.

Fair Russia is a leftish party that is pro-Putin.

Basically everyone in Russia is happy with the direction the country is going in – despite anti-Russian sanctions put on them by the West which have halfed the value of their currency. Russia is functioning the way a country should function – it is a populist state.

This is what we need in America – a government that represents the will of the masses. If Democracy means the will of the masses is denied, than we absolutely need to get rid of it completely.