Putin Speaks Frankly on “Mythical Meddling” Peddled by Lunatics

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2018

“Mythical” is a good word for this.

I think it is basically the most insane thing that has ever happened in all of history that you have the entire media establishment and the entire US government stating it as a FACT that Putin hacked something, or did something else, some kind of a thing of some sort with the cyber, to cause Donald Trump to win the 2016 election – and then when you ask them to give one single fact to support this, they just start rambling nonsensically about how they don’t need any facts – because reasons.

It is simply unconceivable that after all of this time, all of this money spent, that they have not been able to produce a single fact – NOT ONE – to support their outrageous assertions.

And that the one thing that could provide these facts – the DNC server – has either been destroyed or has vanished into thin air and none of the people making these claims are looking for it.

“Every intelligence agency” allegedly agrees with the conclusions of a private company hired by the DNC, which has been caught committing fraud to blame Russia for other supposed hacking activities.

This is, in fact, a bigger hoax than the Holocaust. At least the Holocaust mythology was based on the fact that all of the alleged evidence was in territories controlled by the USSR. And there were all these Jewish eye-witnesses giving testimony about all of these insane claims.

We don’t have a single eye-witness claiming to have seen Russia hack something.

There just isn’t anything at all.

At. All.

No single piece of evidence. 

But the media and these government officials are on TV round the clock saying “we know for a fact.”

It really feeds into my theory that reality itself is collapsing as part of some kind of cosmic phenomenon.

I don’t know how mass insanity could exist on this scale if there was not some fundamental alteration to the fabric of space-time, possibly caused by some kind of cosmic rays.

Either that, or we are knee-deep in some type of Biblical apocalypse. Although I guess a collapse of reality based on cosmic rays and a Biblical apocalypse are not mutually exclusive.

Whatever the case: this is a fundamentally satanic chaos we are experiencing.

But it is through this chaos that a new order will emerge.

World War II never ended.

We are living in the late stages of an 8 decade long war against the Aryan Race.

And we have only just now begun to fight back.

I have never been more hopeful in my life.

We are going to win this war.

We will use our bare hands to grab the tears in the fabric of reality and pull it back together again.

All the Jew’s shills and all the Jew’s monkeys will not be able to rip it apart again.

From the ashes, we will build a new reality, where a New Empire will dawn.

The Stars will belong to us.

The terrible purpose leading us towards the jihad and the Golden Path will not be televised.

But it will be livestreamed on the internet.

Hail Trump!

Hail Putin! 

Hail the New Order! 

Hail the Dawn of Empire! 

Hail Victory. 


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  1. Thank you, AA.

  2. Trump is a force of nature, a Stormbringer. I have been saying it since the election campaign and when I first posted the above meme I got a lot of pushback from the anti-Trump faggots who used to be here in larger numbers.

    Where are all those faggots now?

    I know @lucky has a list but I’m not the type to hold a grudge.

    I am going to laugh and hold you down while he makes you do fractions though.

  3. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

  4. Did you just do a Humpty Dumpty reference?

  5. Bingo! Quote of the day. (tips my hat to ya)

  6. The New Dawn of our race is risen - We are at the most dangerous crossroads and Trump - Putin must be as ruthless as our enemies.

    I am so excited about the future!

    But, the media, the jews and their shills are screaming for our blood. It’s concerning. I’m worried for our Trump. CNN dragged out every dissenter it could find from the military talking heads to those among the Republican party.

    I’m worried about assassination. It’s the only thing that can stop Trump and these fucks are not above killing him.

  7. I think it is obvious that there has been a coup and counter-coup doing battle since Election Night.

    The so-called Deep State has been the true government for decades now, and Trump is the first real threat to it. I still can’t get over these accusations of treason against our President. So an elected President pursuing policy objectives equals treason now?

    This is what they are saying: President not going along with intelligence agencies = treason. The brazenness of this still astonishes me.

    I for one never agreed to having secretive intelligence agencies as the highest authority in our government. I hold to the quaint notion that they serve under the President, not over him. And because they have their own agenda, the POTUS is under no obligation to just go along with whatever they say.

    Now it’s really laid bare just how real this shit is, and why they’ve been so keen to ridicule “conspiracy theorists.” There really is a Shadow Government and right now it is lashing out wildly.

    I’m really thinking the President needs a cadre of loyalists in the military, because these rogue agencies are quite likely going to require physical force.

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