Putin is Asked If He’s Planning on Getting Remarried, He Confirms That a Good Man Should

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin did his annual marathon press conference today. It’s a thing he does where he tries to answer every question everyone has. For the sake of transparency.

And he was asked when he’ll get married.

Putin is sort of the reverse Trump, in that nothing is ever about his personal life or his personality.

He was divorced in 2014. His wife now has a boyfriend 20 years younger than her. I guess that’s another case for the people arguing on the internet that all you have to do to keep a wife is “man up” and “be alpha.” This guy is literally the Supreme Leader of a superpower and can’t keep a wife in line.

Vlad allegedly has a girlfriend, and might have a young daughter, but it’s all sort of a secret thing.

Again, it’s the reverse Trump. Trump is out there calling porn stars he allegedly slept with “horseface.”

And all Trump’s statements and decisions seem to somehow be connected to his personality, whereas Putin presents a face of cold calculation and logic.

I’m not sure which is better, but the dichotomy is interesting.

If Putin is going to be made Czar, he’s going to need to get married, and reveal the status of his young children.

As far as whether or not a good man should be married – I suppose this is true in some cosmic sense. It is socially appropriate for a man to be married.

But these days man… what are you supposed to do?