Putin: Europe Will Pay Bigly for Harboring NATO Nukes in Their Territories

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2018

Putin just came out and explained his position on America’s proposed withdrawal from the INF treaty.

As for Europe, if the United States withdraws from the INF Treaty, the main question will be, of course, what they are going to do with the new missiles. If they deliver them to Europe, we’ll have to come up with an equivalent response.

The European countries which agree to it, if it comes to that, will have to realize that they put their own territories under threat of a possible retaliation strike.

I don’t know why we should put Europe in such danger.

This man…

He’s been getting more and more biblical with every appearance that he makes. Almost as if he’s resigned himself to nuclear Armageddon.

Although, what he said in his latest appearance shouldn’t be considered too controversial.

If Europe decides to allow the Pentagon to put short-range nukes on the subcontinent, then Europe will pay the price. So too will the whole world, probably… and hopefully.

And Russia will launch retaliatory nukes. Even if NATO takes the first shot, there will be still be enough for a retaliatory strike.

So, think about it this way. No matter what, Europe will be ashes.

Growing a spine right around now and firmly telling NATO not to place their short-range nukes on European soil would probably be the thing to do now, no?

We’ll see just how much sovereignty these European countries really have. My guess, they have none at all.