Pure Skin-Hate: Trump-Loving Associated Press Calls Victimized Caravan Babies an “Army”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

At least the evil Hitler-Nazi-Trumpist bastards changed the headline. But the damage is done. They must suffer. Time to boycott.

It may look like an army…

…but actually it’s a bunch of innocent victims fleeing whatever who just want to live on welfare in America.

But the AP doesn’t care about these people’s horrible [some problem] and lack of welfare. They called them “an army.”

An army, they did call them.

When the AP is using Trump’s playbook to dehumanize innocent brown victims fleeing whatever these people are fleeing – presumably, not having welfare – you know that Trump has taken over completely.

It is clear that the orange man himself ordered this headline.

AP’s apology?

Much too little, way too late.

The AP needs to fire this reporter. Or simply be shut down. They can be charged with hate speech for this, which is against the Constitution.

Well, they can be after the blue wave.

Remember to get out there on November 7th and vote them out.