Puerto Rico Left Thousands of Bottles of Water White People Bought Them in a Field

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2019

This is really an analogy for everything that we try to do for brown people.

No matter how much we give them, they just waste all of it.

They are a bottomless pit and a black hole.


Tens of thousands of water bottles intended for hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico have been found sitting in a field unopened. After a similar discovery last year, the find suggests massive waste in the US disaster relief effort.

Nearly two years after a pair of hurricanes rocked Puerto Rico, killing thousands, traces of Washington’s ill-fated relief project still litter the country. Aerial photos captured by the AFP news agency reveal a veritable ocean of waste: countless water bottles heaped onto pallets on farmland near the city of San Juan.

Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017, the deadliest storm to hit the country in decades. The disaster caused an estimated $100 billion in damage and left nearly 3,000 dead. Maria hit just weeks after Hurricane Irma, which also caused deaths and extensive damage.

A spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), one of the bodies tasked with overseeing disaster relief in Puerto Rico after the storms, said the water is expired surplus, and that the agency is currently in the process of disposing of the bottles.

“Following its response to the storms affecting the Caribbean area, FEMA had a surplus of water in its inventories that is now near or passed their expiration dates,” a FEMA representative told CBS in a statement.

The agency added that it had contracted with a third party to dispose of the expired water, and said “this process is underway … and is on target for September 2019 completion.”

It is unclear at what point the bottles expired, how long they have languished in the field, or what entity was hired to dispose of them.

Some Puerto Ricans have voiced their anger and disappointment after the discovery.

“What is frustrating about the water scandal” is “that the government hid those packages from the people,” one person told CBS’s David Begnaud, adding that many were forced to purchase overpriced water from stores in the wake of the storms.

“Outrageous!” another Puerto Rican told Begnaud. “My heart breaks knowing there were people who died of dehydration/diseases from polluted water while all of this was sitting around.”

You could see this pile of water bottles from space.

These “people” squander everything we give them and then they demand more, more, more.

We really just need to stop.

If we just said “sorry brown people – we’re not your dad. You’re going to have to figure your problems out yourselves,” so much would change.

These people would get angry, but if they realized we were serious, they would eventually leave us alone. The only reason they hunt us is that we care for them. We give them money, jobs, bottles of water. If we had a “sorry, not your dad” policy, we would be 90% of the way toward fixing the world.

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  1. They are a bottomless pit and a black hole.

    Two things that don’t exist!

  2. Personally, I think it is long past time to cut these people off, and let me explain why:

    1. They do not pay taxes
    2. A marked majority of their population are on some kind of welfare that WE pay for
    3. They’re obviously too stupid to at least find and plunder this massive shitload of bottled water. (Last time I checked, the island isn’t that big)
    4. They strive for total independence. This movement has spawned a couple terrorist groups that have actually bombed and killed our people here (then NYC freed the piece of shit and celebrated him)
    5. Most speak absolutely no English, nor have any interest in doing so.
    6. Most of them end up in the Philly/Trenton/NYC area anyways.

    Bottom line. They bring nothing to the table except alcohol, and that isn’t much. They are a drag on our economy. They want it all, and don’t want to pay a dime for any of it.

    Cut them off.

    Fuck em.

  3. Easy on the puertos, they just took Dre’s advice on avoiding plastic containers, by ANY means!

  4. **We really just need to stop ** feedng them.
    We need to start killing them all.

  5. We should definately do something bad to them. Most of them are born in the mainland and don’t even speak spanish anymore. The only thing they are good for is violent crime.

    No good comes from race-mixing, but when you breed africans with Amero-Indians you get very nasty results!

  6. White people are required to open the bottle and shove it their mouths.😁

  7. It just blows my mind that in a place with crime and corruption like Puerto Rico, nobody would think to cart it off and sell it. All it would take is one not very intrepid thief, a forklift, and a truck. He would be nigger-rich in no time.

    I can’t imagine that kind of mother-lode sitting unguarded and untouched on an airport runway in Africa or really any other place in the world. Blacks would be all over that free shit like locusts. Even the tarps and the pallets would be valuable commodities in many countries.

    Imagine living in a sqalid shantytown with dirt for a floor and open sewers outside that overflow with every downpour and finding several thousand pallets. Boom, now you and everybody in your village has floors made of pallets to keep the shitwater off your feet.

  8. Imagine being so dumb as too ship 100’s of tons of water and trash and toxic manboob ocean bobbers to Puerto Rico, instead of a water filtration system. This is an example of, I don’t give a Redacted Fucking Honk because obviously the people in our government are also retards.

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