Public Furious as Court Decides Rapists Should be Let Off if They are Black

MV Lehti
June 27, 2015

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Mustafa Nur Mohamed, one of the ringleaders of the gang who defiled a young White woman and has been allowed to get away with it.

In March 2015 in Finland a gang of young men with Somalian background, aged between 14 and 18, sat down close to a young woman in a local train travelling to north of Helsinki, Tapanila.

They were measuring the young woman with their eyes and obviously talked about her. The young woman did not understand the language but got the impression that she was the topic of discussion.

When the train approached the Tapanila station, the young woman went to the door to exit the train. The gang grouped behind her. They were still measuring the young woman, laughing and pushing each other. The young woman remained quiet.

When the doors opened, someone touched the young woman’s bottom and they all rushed after her. There was no hesitation.

When the young woman walked faster, they walked faster. Two of them rushed and slapped the young woman hard on her bottom. At this point she yelled at them: “Don’t you have any respect?”

When she was about to cross a road the situation became tense. At this point all of the young men were very close. One held the young woman by her shoulders when another said that she could trust him, he would not hurt her.

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One of the rapists is seen here in orange shorts, posing with the Finnish police after playing a charity soccer match with them. The digital rape of the White woman took place shortly after this picture was taken.

The young woman had no way of getting free. She tried to hit and scratch the men, but she was alone against five.

One of the perpetrators placed his hand on her mouth so that she could not scream for help and one held her still by grabbing her at the hips. At this point the man who held his hand in front of her mouth put his hand inside her trousers and into her vagina.

The other one also pushed his hand inside her trousers. He kept on squeezing her bottom and stuck his finger in her rectum. The penetrations were according the the court’s statement “fairly simultaneous” and the victim hurt severely.

The situation lasted about 3 to 4 minutes. Finally the victim was able to swipe away the hand in front of her face and she started shouting on top of her lungs. One perpetrator still stayed with her, but she was able to free herself by sticking her fingers inside his mouth and pull him away by his cheek. After this the young woman’s memory is fuzzy.

She told in court that the perpetrators had acted arrogantly. The victim got the impression that the perpetrators thought what was done to her was “cool”.

“They all just laughed away”, states the court documentation.

During the trial, this was the attitude that the rapists and their supporters had for the White woman whose life has been ruined by them.

When the young woman got home, she collapsed on her knees once inside the door, crying hysterically. She told her mother immmediately that a gang of young men had held her, not letting her go. The young woman called the emergency services and told what had just happened. She was taken to a doctor after midnight.

This week in the court, the five young men with Somalian background were given the lightest sentences ever. Two were totally freed from all charges. Two were given a one year’s suspended sentence. One was given a one year and four months’ suspended sentence. They all walked free.

When studying the backgrounds of the judge, Peik Spolander, and the two jurors,Jan Lillja and Päivi Hedman, it turns out that the judge and Lillja have a Swedish speaking minority background, and Hedman is a communist, all of them are by default multiculturalists.

The public has been furious over the lean sentences. The court practically ruled that it is alright to sexually harass people, and even to stick your fingers in their private parts without a consequence.

The father of this young woman has appealed to our publication to keep this case public because he sees no justice in the ruling. The father sees that his daughter was spiritually murdered by these assailants that evening. It was a huge blow for their whole family to see the perpetrators walk free.

“Will she ever regain her genuine personality, sexuality and womanhood? What is right and what is wrong?”, asks the father, desperate.

Nothing in this case went right. Nothing.

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