Proud Homeowner Unmoved by Petition, Refuses to Remove Windmill of Friendship in Yard

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2019

What is this country coming to when a Boomer has to defend his lawn from hordes of degenerates all alone?

SF Chronicle:

An online petition calling on an El Sobrante man to remove a giant concrete swastika from his front lawn has gathered more than 3,000 signatures, but the homeowner sounded unmoved Wednesday.

The petition was posted Monday on the Care2 website by a group calling itself “Not in Our Town El Sobrante.” As of 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, the petition had digital signatures from 3,207 supporters.

The petition’s goal is to persuade Steve Johnson, a 67-year-old retired welder, to rip out a swastika he put in his front yard as part of a driveway he said he is building. Johnson told The Chronicle he understood the historical significance of the Nazi symbol, but he decided to install it anyway because he liked the design.

The petition’s author — identified as Sarah Dunham by a Care2 spokeswoman — did not, and she notes that the swastika has become an international symbol of hatred.

“The presence of a swastika in our community makes many people feel unsafe to live in a community that tolerates visible expressions of hate and bigotry,” the petition reads. “Therefore, we are calling on this person to remove the swastika.”

Yeah, but that’s neither here nor there. In America, the main question is and always has been:

Liberals forget that America was founded on the principles of life, liberty, and lawn care.

That means NO ONE can infringe on a White man’s right to landscape his yard anyway that he damn well pleases.

But can you stop and imagine what these crazy Jews and cat ladies are trying to do here?

Some guy is mad enough to put a giant windmill of peace on his property, and they’re just poking him and prodding him and provoking him even more. Like, even I wouldn’t hang out with a guy who has a giant swastika on his lawn because I figure that the guy has been having a rough time lately and might need some room to cool off for a bit… alone.

Besides, he’s clearly a member of Boomerwaffen and you have to be crazy to tangle with one of those cats.

They don’t fuck around.

And when they get mad, people die.

Leftists should let this guy landscape his lawn in peace, lest they waken the beast slumbering in every pissed off Boomer with their reckless disregard for this one man’s lawn.

You’ve heard of Kill-Dozer no doubt, but just you wait until the Boomers take out the swastika flags and rig up John Deere lawn mower battle wagons.

It’ll be a bloodbath.

The Left should stop provoking these Boomers – because they’re all psychopaths just waiting to snap.

Top Comments

  1. Oh I am so calling it “windmill of friendship” from now on.


  2. Then i guess we will find out how tolerant a man with a swastika in his yard can be.

  3. And of course, you know fucking nobody who signed that Jew petition even lives there. The most ridiculous part in the original story on this is the local news crew stood outside his house late at night shining a spotlight into his front window while some brown news-cunt gagged on a microphone.

    Journalists are terrorists, plain and simple.

  4. Otako says:

    You know I just had a very Jewish idea, I would install a swastika on my yard and then have people pay me to remove it.

  5. No ones going to tell me that the symbol of my ancestors stemming some 10k+ years is racist. Fk them. If they want to focus on a true symbol of racism and evil, go after the so called Star of David.

  6. You mean the hexagram of Satan

  7. Is that legal?

    President Trump, when asked about the controversy, responded:

    Well, right now it seems it’s legal in the state of California. But of course each state has the right to determine its own laws as long as its laws don’t contravene the U.S. Constitution.

    So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the courts have to say.

    Who knows? It’ll probably go to the Supreme Court of California and maybe to the U.S. Supreme Court. The most important thing is the Rule of Law and whether it’s leeeeeeee-gal…

    Remember what Ezra Pound said, which had the state medicate him and lock him up in a psych ward — for his own good of course — for something like 20 years:

    A country with Rule-of-Law now means a country with Rule-of-Jew.

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