Prominent Las Vegas Columnist Quits After Being Told Not to Write About Jew Overlord Adelson

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2016


The goyim know!

Shut it down!


A prominent columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the largest news organization in Nevada, resigned after being told he could no longer write about two of the state’s biggest players, including his newspaper’s new owner, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

“If I can’t do my job, if I can’t hold the heavyweights in the community to account, then I’m just treading water,” the columnist, John L. Smith, told NPR in an interview. “It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but there was no other decision to make — at least in my mind.”

Smith had written columns for the Review-Journal for nearly three decades, with a frequent focus on Adelson, one of the most powerful figures in Nevada gambling and national Republican politics. The billionaire sued Smith for libel over a passage in a 2005 book about power players of Las Vegas.

Smith prevailed in court, but paying the fees helped bankrupt him. (NPR told that remarkable story, including a rabbi’s offer of a secret $200,000 payoff from Adelson for Smith to admit libel, earlier this year.) Years later, the case has helped trigger the end of Smith’s career at the Review-Journal, as his new bosses cited it as a conflict of interest.


Attempted bribery by the Rabbi!

But never you mind that, goyim – Jews are all just individuals, acting individually.

“I was sorry to see him resign and I wish him the very best,” the paper’s editor-in-chief, J. Keith Moyer, wrote in an email to NPR. “I decided that the strongest measure was best for the Review-Journal. John had thousands of other people, things and news events from which to choose to write about.”

Late last year, Adelson and his family bought the Review-Journal in a transaction that was initially intended to keep the new owners’ identity secret from the public and the newsroom itself. The paper’s reporters covered the mystery and subsequently identified the Adelsons despite the efforts of the paper’s publisher to delay and soften the coverage. The paper’s editor was among those who subsequently left. Promises of scrupulous disclosure of the Adelsons’ interests were scaled back.

Wow, Jews buying the media to manipulate public thought.

No one could have predicted it!

Smith says new management implemented a new policy earlier this year: He could not cover anything to do with Adelson. The then-acting editor, Glenn Cook, regretfully conveyed the decision from publisher Craig Moon. Smith says he took issue: “I said, ‘He’s the one who sued me, he lost, and I’m conflicted?’ “

Smith says Cook told him: “You can’t do it or you’ll be fired.”

You see.

The entire media is a gigantic Jew hoax.

The internet – particularly sites like The Daily Stormer – is our only hope for salvation.

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  1. The collapse is happening and it's inevitable :smiley:

  2. This is getting absurd, yet people still won't listen to reason. You've got people preaching about the (((globalists))) like they're this mystical, faceless being, when all the evidence in the world points out who (((they))) really are.

  3. Find out if this guy's ever sent us dog whistles and maybe someone will take up a collection for him for doing the right thing. That kind of integrity deserves to be rewarded.

    Andrew might even want to consider hiring him as a mod or to do some investigative journalism if he leans right far enough.

  4. On the contrary, there seems to be an awakening like never before.

  5. JRM says:

    This is how they get you; happens every time.

  6. The illusion that Americans have of a "Free Press" is just that: an illusion. Sure we have sites like this one (thank goodness) but as far as when people think of "the press" there is nothing free about them. It's one of those mental block hurdles that folks are going to have to get over as we move forward. Shut them down, nationalize the press and leave the internet free. The press now is nothing more than a propaganda organ for our Jew overlords.

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