Pro-Life Website Gets Stormer’d! Big Tech Banning Everything!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2018


It only took a few months after Big Tech claimed Alex Jones’ scalp for them to focus their attention on more milquetoast normie-tier conservatives.


LifeSite, a Christian pro-life news outlet, was allegedly blacklisted by its web host and given just 12 hours to find another host the website, or risk being offline.

“LifeSite just received an email at 8:30 p.m. EST from our web-hosting company alerting us that they will be taking our website down within 12 hours, if not sooner,” claimed LifeSite in a statement, Saturday. “We received absolutely no forewarning whatsoever about this decision.”

“Our web developer is scrambling right now to set up a possibly-needed temporary solution to keep the website live. However, we’re going to have to go through the ordeal and expense of moving server companies,” the news outlet continued. “We also intend to fight these attacks, which will carry significant legal costs.”

In an update made following the original statement, LifeSite added, “Our web developer was up all night implementing temporary measures to keep our site online even if our current web-hosting company followed through on its threat to shut down our services. We are extremely grateful for his hard work on a Saturday night. However, this is only a temporary solution. We are currently looking for a web-hosting company that will not cave to threats of this kind.”

On the face of it, this is pretty extreme.

Being anti-infanticide is a pretty high moral high ground. That’s the whole reason why conservatives chose it. They gave up every other base and forward position that they had and retreated to the pro-life keep.

And for a while, it worked. 

Their campaign to make sure as many browns and blacks kept their kids as possible bore fruit and the left didn’t dare to assault their high ground head-on.

But by the time I was in college, the new legion of empowered satanic slut shock troops didn’t give a single solitary shit about killing their own babies, as years of interacting with niggers and consuming kike propaganda had drained their souls and poisoned their minds.

And it turned out that the militant Left had a powerful ally.

Big Tech began providing them with a secret weapon to use against their enemies.


Apparently, “de-platforming works!”  

That’s what the political masterminds on the left have discovered.

Yeah, de-platforming works, but then, so too does killing your political opponents. Banning them from voting altogether might also work. Putting them into camps seems to be an effective strategy as well.

But we don’t do that because we live in a liberal democracy, where ideas and debate and dissent are, in theory, supposed to be tolerated.

Censorship is a form of political violence, and political violence had previously been against the rules.

Leftists want to change the rules of the game.

See, the right were never the most enthusiastic supporters of liberal democracy, but if those were the rules, then we were going to abide by them and win at democracy, bigly.

And we did.

So now, they’ve decided that it’s time to change the rules. Censorship, physical violence and attacking the livelihoods of people who disagree are now standardized leftist tactics.

And at this point, there is not a doubt in my mind that these people are ready to start killing us.

It’s time for the rest of the fractured and squabbling camps on the Right to realize that too.

They’re coming for all of you just the same way that they came for us a year ago. 

And there’s no amount of reasoning, begging and pleading or threatened lawsuits that can stop them.

See, you thought that they would go for us, not you, because you had the moral high ground – but you were wrong. Now you race-blind pro-lifers are in the same camp as the Neon-Nazis.

Since we’re going to be living together under the same conditions for the foreseeable future, perhaps it’s time we shook hands and made up?

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