Prince Harry and Cheddar Woman Tour the UK, Act as Though Their Inter-Species Relationship is Normal

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2018

May 19th is a special day for the United Kingdom.

On that day, hundreds of millions of people around the world will watch – presumably in horror – as Prince Harry, fifth in line to the British throne and a member of the ginger master race, is joined in unholy matrimony with a 36-year-old negroid divorcee.

In an attempt to convince the public that Harry’s bride-to-be is a normal human and that their union doesn’t breach the UK’s bestiality laws, the media have started publicizing the couple’s pre-wedding tour of the country.

Daily Mail:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made a surprise trip to Northern Ireland as part of their pre-wedding tour of Britain.

Belfast crowds were given the shock of their lives as the pair arrived unannounced in the city, before going on a walkabout in the city centre, visiting the iconic Crown Liquor Saloon, a science park and Titanic Belfast museum.

Harry could have chosen any of these blonde qts to be his wife. Instead, he chose the woman who looks like their reflection in a funhouse mirror.

The royal trip, the couple’s first official joint one to Northern Ireland, also saw them learn the history of the doomed Titanic, visiting a Belfast visitor attraction telling the passenger ship’s story.

There they were presented with a replica of Titanic and flowers by Leyton Jackson, 6, and his sister Rosie, 4, before being shown around the museum by its chief executive Judith Owens.

The Titanic, eh? How… appropriate…

The Royal bride and groom-to-be waved to the ecstatic crowds before heading inside the landmark Crown Liquor Saloon where they met bar staff, local musicians and had a Irish stew lunch, including a tutorial on how to pull the perfect pint of Guinness.

Earlier in the day, the pair greeted stunned onlookers as they made their way inside the Eikon Exhibition Centre in Lisburn, surprising a huge crowd of unsuspecting children as they arrived inside the building.

Harry isn’t too impressed by the traditional African cuisine Meghan suggests for the wedding meal.

They have been touring Britain ahead of their May wedding and the prince will introduce his fiancee to Ulster during a series of events.

In keeping with royal visits to Northern Ireland details were not released in advance and the itinerary was not disclosed for security reasons.

Meanwhile, back in Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty wonders whether doing another Diana so soon will arouse public suspicion.

If any of the UK’s 20 or so white nationalists are reading this, here’s some advice from a deebly goncerned writer: avoid all forms of media throughout May. Seriously.

This wedding is a massive racial attack on the British natives and the Judenpresse know it. You’re going to keep hearing, over and over again, about the white prince who married a half-monkey. About the nigger mother that walked her down the aisle. About the banana cake they ate after the ceremony was over.

There’s so much monkeyness here that it defies comprehension.

It’s as humiliating as hell.

This bitch knows what she’s doing.

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