President Trump Spits on the Grave of Jewish Weekly Standard

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2018

Who’s laughing now, as The Weekly Neocon Jew Standard rots in hell?

Certainly not the Jews.

Nay, it is the ARYAN MASTER RACE PRESIDENT and his agents.

The gross Jew who no one cares about anymore – even though he was one of the most influencial people of the last decade, having successfully forced America into all of these endless wars in the Middle East – actually begged Trump to simply mention him.

Now that is humiliating.

Neoconservatism is dead forever.

There is no way to bring it back.

Even if Trump fails completely as a President, the situation of the right-wing in America is going to be forever populist. Until we are all murdered by hordes of brown people, we will not be fighting for mass immigration, global free trade or wars for Israel.


Instead, we will be fighting for our own side.

And if we lose, we will lose as our own side. Not as puppets of a Jewish globalist agenda.

That will be Trump’s legacy. The most important part of his legacy.

He will have saved the people from being trapped in a mindset of fighting for foreign interests, fighting against ourselves.

We are America now.

And if we go down, we will go down as Americans.