Pregnant 14-Year-Old Goblina Loses Her Baby and is Left in a Wheelchair After Boob Tattoo

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2018

The whore and the tattoo.

Men are expected to push boundaries, to be hardened and tough, and for some reason that’s what tattoos on a man scream to girls. But thots have this impulse to mirror what they look for in a man, kind of a perverted “be the change you want to see in the world men” thing, and falling for it takes them through a path of peril.

A PREGNANT teenager has lost her baby and has been left in a wheelchair after she had a tattoo on her right breast got infected.

Luisa Fernanda, 16, from central Colombia’s Casanare Department, fell ill after the tattoo became infected and consequently suffered a miscarriage.

Doctors told her that she would never walk again after the infection spread into her spinal cord.

She was 14 when the tattoo got infected.

That certainly didn’t go as planned for her.

What are the odds, though?

Oh, right.


Miss Fernanda has now spoken out about her experiences on social media to warn other youngsters about the dangers of tattoos.

Crying about what happened to her instead of focusing on the degenerated nature of tattoos in women…

At least that’s something. I guess.

She’s celebrating her wheelchair and dead child.

“I was ashamed of being seen outside on the street, because people would point at me, but later I realised it was not good to stay at home all the time.”

Pointing at a stupid whore and laughing sounds therapeutic for both parties. Whores need to be put in their place, after all.

In this case, based bacteria did the job.

Not all heroes are visible to the naked eye.

Not even the loss of her legs and child could cure her whoreness.

Miss Fernanda added that surgeons had told her that she needed a further operation as she battles to regain her health.

Her friends are helping her try to find the money to cover the cost of her $A6,500 (14-million-COP) treatment.

Guise we need like a gofundme right now!

Women mirroring male traits end up repelling the men they wanted to attract in the first place. It’s just common sense.

Heterosexual men are not attracted to what’s similar to them, otherwise they’d be homosexual.

Masculine men want feminine girls, not whores acting their idea of maleness.

Tattooed whores are animals confused about their nature.

Something along the same lines happens to men, unfortunately. The Jew goodgoying apparatus makes men defer to women, and it’s constantly reinforced by “culture.” Movies, TV series, and even the “education” process, that puts women in positions of authority over boys and men.

There’s also a strong environmental factor to this, that might be even more important than the social-engineering one, because it might be what enables it in the first place. Each generation appears to have decreased testosterone, and more and more things are made out of plastics and other materials that disrupt your hormones . There are estrogenic compounds in pretty much most of the things people use in their everyday life. From the food they eat to the kitchenware they use and the water they drink. Even the cups and bottles.

Even personal care products like soap.

It’s pretty much a constant testicular siege.

Some of the effects are easy to see because of how blatant they are, like man boobs and soyboyness but there are other behavioral and physical effects that are harder to register because we’ve been eased into them as “the norm.” It’s scary stuff.

Sterile dead-end.

You can do something about it.

Start by ditching the plastic. Don’t use plastic bottles for your water, don’t store your food in plastic, definitely don’t cook your food in plastic, don’t prepare your food in plastic either… and most certainly don’t trust “BPA-free” plastics.

Just stay away from plastic.

You can use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles and glass containers to store your food. Iron, glass, or ceramic cookware. Maybe stainless steel if it’s good quality.

Clothing… try to avoid synthetic stuff like nylon. If you can’t avoid it, try at least to have them on as little time as possible.

Reject the modern world as much as you can, and you’ll be alright.

Your great-grandparents didn’t have estrogen problems. Cook as they did. Eat as they did. Don’t act like a girl.

…and protect what’s yours.

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