Preference Does Not Equal Hate

Jonathan Black
The Right Stuff
January 19, 2016


A particularly insidious piece of propaganda I see parroted about all the time online is the idea that preferences equal hate, but only in the case of White people. This is a tactic to reframe the use of language in such a way as to change the meaning of words. George Orwell noted on use of this tactic when he said, “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” However, there is another side of this same tactic. It is when words are redefined in a hypocritical way to demonize and discredit one side of a debate.

This is flagrantly used in debates about immigration and culture. When one says that they want to preserve their culture, they are said to hate those who are different, that they are xenophobic. If one prefers the company of straight people they are called homophobic. If one prefers the company of White people they are called racist. Of course this only applies to White people, which is where the double standard arises.

When Mexicans celebrate their culture in another’s country, this is said to be a good thing that should be encouraged. When Whites want to celebrate their own culture, in their own countries, they are said to be offending or degrading others.

Recently there have been protests in Germany over the influence that Muslims are exerting on their country and culture. Nearly a third of people polled agree that there is a problem that needs to be seriously addressed. Predictably, Frau Merkel has characterized the opposition to German culture being destroyed as being about “skin color”. Merkel said, “Today many people are again shouting on Mondays: ‘We are the people’. But what they really mean is: you are not one of us.’”

In point of fact, most Germans like being German and want Germany to stay German. Otherwise, they would live somewhere else. Of course they mean “you are not one of us”, because Muslims are NOT German. Most Muslims are Arab, Pakistani or some other Middle Eastern ethnicity. Islam is also not German. The implication here is that being German is bad and that Germany, like the rest of Europe, should welcome its own demise at the hand of the third world. No one criticizes Liberia for being too Black or China for being too Asian, but apparently Germany is too German for the elites.

Even more staggering is the fact that Germany takes in the second-largest amount of asylum seekers in Europe, second only to Sweden, yet is called xenophobic by people like Joe Biden. Apparently, nothing short of no Europeans left in Europe will be good enough. Major cities like London and Paris are already overrun with foreign populations. Those who speak out against losing their homelands to people who neither respect the culture nor appreciate the freebies they are being given are called Nazis. The former Prime Minister of Sweden recently said that Sweden belongs to non-Swedes.

Could you imagine the backlash and outrage if Japanese people were told that unless they give their country to Nigerians they are racists? As the mantra goes, “Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone.” The world has truly lost its mind.

As with most things, ignoring nature only works for so long. As the progressive lunatics who have been steering the West for the last 100 years continue to push the extremes of insanity, nationalism is on the rise and far-right groups are beginning to stand up and say, “enough is enough.”

It seems the Left learns nothing from history. The situation we see today is eerily reminiscent of the conditions that led to World War II.

Social misfits have been mocking and ridiculing traditionalists since the 1960s, all the while apparently unaware that the pendulum they are pushing is only increasing the tension on a spring that will eventually swing back the other way.

The harder and more extreme their push, the more forceful the return will be and they will have no one to blame but themselves. The more they persecute rational middle-of-the-road people today, the less willing to listen to reason those people will be when they finally snap.

I would like to avoid all of that unpleasantness, but rational debate and compromise is something completely alien to the progressive mind. For them, nothing is ever enough. Even in a world full of open pedophilia and bestiality they would be crying oppression and demanding social justice. There is no reasoning with religious tenets.

Going back to preferences, most people prefer to associate with others who are like themselves. They prefer to be around people who look similar, have similar ideas about the world, and have similar interests. This does not mean that they hate those who are different. I wonder what social justice warriors do when they go to an ice cream shop. Do they bemoan that some people only like vanilla? It is white, after all. Do they demand that more people need to eat flavors that do not appeal to anyone? Do they scream, “If your favorite ice cream is cheesecake, then you must hate mint chocolate chip”?

European people enjoy their roots, their cultures, their traditions and want to preserve them. They also often enjoy and appreciate the cultures of others as well. I like Mexican food and I am fascinated by Japanese culture, but I don’t want America to become Japan or England to become Mexico. If I wanted to live in a Mexican culture I would move to Mexico. The same is true of Japanese culture. And if either group did not want my foreign presence, they would be well within their right to forbid me entrance.

In order for these different cultures to survive, they must continue to be different, and that means separation. Their separateness is what made them different in the first place. Different racial stocks with different resources, different ideas, and different motivations made these cultures into what they are today. To mix them all together is not contributing to diversity, it is destroying diversity.

Wanting to preserve something is not hating something else. Do we say that someone who collects antiques must hate newer items? Must a steak-loving man hate chicken? Can I not appreciate classical music without someone accusing me of hating rock? Wanting to preserve your culture and ancestry is normal, natural, and commendable. All groups of people are encouraged to do so except Europeans. Europeans need to begin standing up for themselves before they are completely marginalized or eradicated entirely.

For 60 years progressives have been telling us to ignore our lying eyes and reject what we know in our hearts. Nature will not be ignored forever and the rising nationalistic tendencies in Europe are evidence of this. Now is the time to decide the course of our future. Those who will not stand up for themselves will be discarded in the garbage bin of history. Will you throw away the blood, sweat, and tears of your ancestors? Will you throw away a gift that was 40,000 years in the making? Time is running out.