Post Hanoi: Tulsi Says North Korea is Wise to Keep Nukes, Lindsey Graham Calls for War

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2019

So the second Trump-Kim summit didn’t go well.

There is a lot of gibberish out there about it right now in the media, but the basic thing is this:

  • Due to influence from the hawkish lunatics Bolton and Pompeo, Trump said Kim would have to give up all nukes to get sanctions lifted
  • Kim says he isn’t going to give up all nukes

That’s all that happened.

Note that before the meeting, Trump said he was fine with Kim not giving up nukes immediately as long as there were no more tests. But then the handlers moved in and wrecked everything.

It’s actually pretty sad.

I was very much a supporter of an end to the Korean war – a war my long-deceased grandfather fought in.

South Korea was very happy about ending the conflict. Everyone was very happy about it.

But John Bolton and the rest of these people are simply evil. They just want destruction, and don’t care about anything else. It seems to be less that they are servants of Jews and more that they just really get along with the Jews because the Jews are also in favor of endless wars.

Tulsi Gabbard was on Tucker last night and expressed sympathy with Kim’s lack of a desire to give up his nukes.

Tucker introduced Tulsi as the only Democrat presidential candidate that doesn’t agree with the foreign policy of Bill Kristol, which is a very sick burn.

Bad things tend to happen to leaders who surrender their nukes on promises of peace from the US government.

This echoes Marco Rubio’s warning to Kim about what happens to leaders who give up their nukes.

A wise man, Rubio.

The unwise man Lindsey Graham was there for the reach-around as soon as Bolton and Pompeo succeeded in thwarting negotiations, calling for a massive war against Korea.

Graham was on with Sean Hannity and they were both aggressively shilling insane boomer “we’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way” tripe.

Then he went to CPAC and talked up a storm of anti-gook hatred.

He is openly threatening war.

Kim wants his nukes until there is enough integration with the South that he doesn’t have to fear America coming in and doing a Gaddaffi on him. That is 100% reasonable, and I can’t imagine him taking any other position.

What Bolton, Pompeo and Graham are doing is rigging this situation so it is impossible for anyone to win.

Truly sad.