Post-Election Austerity Bomb to Hit Greece

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2015


In early August 1945, Allied Zionist powers dropped 2 Atomic Bombs on Japan code named “little boy” and “fat man”. The Japanese people never imagined the destruction that would follow.


History was made yet again on September 20th 2015, when Allied Zionist powers dropped another set of bombs on Greece. An Austerity Version of “little boy” and “fat man”, otherwise known as Alexis Tsipras and Panos Kammenos, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. The Greek people couldn’t imagine what destruction would follow.


Since the elections, we at Golden Dawn New York have received a flood of emails from nationalists around the world, asking what has really happened with Greece.

I am of course referring to the Golden Dawn election results. As predicted our support doubled on the islands in dodecanese. The overall outcome being a victory under the circumstances, still left many around the world hoping for even larger gains.

Many have talked about election rigging,  and while it is certain ballot tampering occured, robbing the party of at least 1 and maybe 2 seats there are more factors at play here.  Others have been emailing asking how the Greeks could vote yet again for SYRIZA after they broke every promise in the last election?

In order to answer these questions, one must understand the mindset of the Greek masses, which differs from that of other European countries with a different history.

The first thing one must understand about these elections was the timing. The announcement of SYRIZA signing the memorandum and betraying Greek voters was done in the summer time when most Greeks are away in villages or islands. Second, the choice of Tsipras to resign and force elections on September 20th is literally days before the first taxes are implemented, the first one being a gigantic property tax. This was deliberate. The Greek government rushed to have elections now before they suffer any huge decline.

The second thing one must understand is the cultural tendency of the Greeks towards egomania and stubbornness. In some instances this stubbornness has been positive, it helped them resist some of the degenerative cultural changes that were implemented on Scandinavian and Western European cultures. Yet, in instances such as this,  this same attitude has negative consequences such as not wanting to admit when you are wrong.

Right now,  the majority of middle aged SYRIZA voters have HEARD that Tsipras has betrayed them,  they have HEARD the biggest memorandum ever is coming,  but they heard all this in a leisure summer setting and none has quite FELT it yet.

What they do feel now however is a sense of wanting to feel smart. The ego and narcissism of their generation takes over and they simply don’t want to look stupid at the cafe in front of others,  so they start actually defending Tsipras. Saying things like “He is a good boy but Merkel forced him to do it”. I have literally even heard “They theatened to kill his family.”

Despite the fact that Tsipras and Kammenos were previously here in New York before meeting with Zionist Jews, the Government officials and the US state department, the middle aged SYRIZA voters have a hard time admitting they voted for yet another puppet.

However, this only lasts so long, and the current government knows it.  This is exactly why they wanted elections now.  Because ego aside, when their pensions get cut, when they see the taxman at their door, they will be cursing Tsipras, just as they all jumped ship and began to curse PASOK, the once legendary party they gave 35 years of loyalty to within one year after they were financially decimated by them.


This has been the Greek political system for 40 years. Literally, an entire generation who were taught to vote with their financial targets rather than ideological ones.  Make no mistake, this is coming to an end, but as they say old habits die hard.

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