Portland: BLM Retards Try to Block Traffic – All Get Arrested

Daily Stormer
July 19, 2016

Ha ha ha! Things sure aren’t going well for these BLM people, are they? They manage to scrape enough agency to organize some pathetic protests and riots, and what happens?

Everyone ignores it because the Hajis do way more awesome happenings at the same time, stealing the spotlight.


Ohhhh! These darned Wahabists!

And now, after all these happenings, some cucked White hippies, along with some weird Somalians, try to block roads. Didn’t turn out too well for them either.


Police arrested 18 people in what turned out to be a tense Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Portland Friday night.

The Portland Racial Justice Congress’s Black Lives Matter protest started in Lincoln Park at 6 p.m., but moved to the Old Port, where crowds blocked a section of Commercial Street near Pearl Street.

Police escorted the crowd down Pearl Street and had expected them to stop at Fore Street.

The protest remained peaceful until around 10 p.m., when a car slowly pulled out of a wharf and into the crowd, which tried to block the car from driving farther.


WTF is wrong with these people?

Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck said the driver felt threatened and concerned.

Several other bystanders, who disagreed with the protesters’ message, clashed with the group in the middle of the road and on the sidewalk.

Shortly after, several police officers circled the group. An officer then went through the group one-by-one informing each person that they were breaking the law by obstructing a public way.

Each protester was warned that he or she would be charged with obstructing a public way, which is a class E misdemeanor, Sauschuck said.


Protip for the prosecutor: I heard “resisting arrest” is also considered pretty bad form under the law. You might want to save the above picture for your evidence file.

White people, collectively, are getting fed up with the non-stop Black whining. While the federal government is insisting we give Blacks “space to destroy,” the mood on the ground is instead turning towards swift retribution.

The BLM movement is making a grave tactical error in targeting cops for assassination. They’re seriously rustling the jimmies of the system’s foot soldiers.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter what the “official policy” of the government is, if the guys tasked with enforcing those policies are too pissed off to care.

And believe me, we’re getting there.

Mmmmhhh… Let me drink more of those delicious tears….