Portland Appears to be Completely Run by Antifa

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2019

Andy Ngo is one of the few journalists still out there talking about Antifa. The footage he took on May Day of Antifa’s activities was pretty shocking.

Apparently, Antifa has been periodically laying siege to ICE buildings in Portland and the local police do nothing to stop them. They started doing this last year and kept the place shut down for 5 weeks.

I assume that the supplies must have run low for the defenders and they decided to sally forth – beating Antifa back, if only for a while.

But the same situation is happening again this summer.

Antifa is mobbing the ICE building and no one is stopping them.

So the mayor is ordering the police to stand down and is clearly siding with Antifa and encouraging them to harass ICE, which is a federal government agency. This is no doubt illegal, and if the United States was a serious country, the feds would just arrest this mayor for not obeying federal law and for basically managing a revolutionary uprising against them.

I think that there is a non-trivial chance of places like Portland start to just… no longer participate in the American project anymore. It’s not that much of a stretch when you realize that they’ve got their own militias (local Antifa), and they apparently just straight-up don’t obey federal law.

The mayor is just giving them full reign of the streets.

I don’t even know who is using who here. For what purpose would you just allow Antifa to start harassing ICE if you weren’t trying to force them to back down and just give up on trying to enforce federal law in your city?

Donald Trump might need to send the national guard in soon if this continues – which he won’t do.

Sanctuary cities have existed for a while now, but cities using Antifa and the local police to thwart the efforts of agencies like ICE is really unprecedented. These people are being allowed to get away with pretty much everything now.

They may as well just take over the city and declare it a communist city-state and be done with it already. Nobody is going to even lift a finger to stop them.