Pompeo Travels to Poland to Demand Poles Give Jews More Holocaust Bucks

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2018

You could be forgiven for forgetting that American politicians are supposed to promote American interests abroad.

However, this is simply objectively not true.

The State Department, in particular, promotes Jewish interests first and foremost.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo raised the issue of Holocaust-era property restitution during his first official visit to Poland.

Poland is the only country in the European Union that has not passed comprehensive national legislation to return, or provide compensation for, private property confiscated by the Nazis or nationalized by the communist regime.

At a joint appearance Wednesday in Warsaw with the Polish minister of foreign affairs, Pompeo praised the U.S.-Poland relationship and the “indomitable Polish spirit.”

He also saluted Polish Jewish partisan Frank Blaichman, who immigrated to the United States after World War II and became a prosperous real estate developer in New York. Blaichman, who died in late December at 96, was “a testament to the resilience of the Polish people, Pompeo said.

As part of his remarks, Pompeo called on the Polish government to resolve outstanding restitution issues.

Conflating the Jews with the Poles is either an Americanism, Boomerism or a Neoconism – take your pick.

It’s obviously insulting though.

If he wanted to make a point about the friendly ties that America and Poland have historically enjoyed, he could have mentioned the Polish volunteer in the American revolutionary war, Thaddeus Kosciuszko. 

But no.

The US goes to Warsaw to demand that Poland pay more obeisance to the Jews in exchange for the privilege of using Polish troops as cannon fodder against Russia. Win-win, no?

That being said, I think most of the Polish elite is ok with this arrangement. Because historically, they’ve been some of the most pro-Jew and treacherous in all of Europe – on par with the British and the Swedish nobles at least.

A few words on the Polish Question:

We should probably start at the beginning, with the Polish King Casimir the Great doing what medieval kings were often known for doing: inviting Jews into his country to further his own ambition. Yes, Casimir invited the Jews into Poland to get his hands on some of their Jew gold and because some yenta was giving him sweet, sloppy head in the throne room. By doing so, he forever made Poland the largest Jew hub in Europe and a cesspool of endless Jewish shenanigans and trickery.


As far as nobilities go, the Poles got a really raw deal. 

Their nobility loved to LARP as “Sarmatians” and went to great pains to differentiate themselves from the lowly Slav peasants that they ruled. On the plus side, this meant that they would wear leopard or other big cat pelts (when they could afford them) and don the now-famous Cuman-style wings with their armor.

Note the tiger pelt on the right. I’m not making this shit up.

As far as LARPs go, it was admittedly aesthetically pleasing AF.

But like all “we wuz” ideologies, it served to alienate them from the ordinary people. And you never want to be stuck with an elite that is hostile to the people. No good will come of it. Just look at our situation in America. Not one politician on our side. Everyone in Washington united in their loathing and hatred for the average Amerikaner.

Unsurprisingly, Poland quickly became one of the first Democracies/Oligarchies in Europe. Nobles began to call shots in the Sejm and the king – the traditional last defender of the people and the nation – lost most of his power. Powerful factions financed by Jew money formed and the whole thing dissolved into a Plutocracy as Democracies always do.

Meanwhile, the Polish nobility quickly realized that they could use the Jews to help rule over their unruly, newly acquired subjects in Western Ukraine and Belarus. The Jews would be sent in to mercilessly squeeze the Slav peasants for tax money and to prevent them from worshipping.

Needless to say, the peasants absolutely loathed the Jews and the Polish nobility. 

Things came to a head when Bohdan Khmelnitsky – himself a disgraced Polish noble – led history’s greatest pogrom against the Jews and their enablers. Legend has it that another Polish noble murdered his son and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for him. But the factors were all there for a revolt. The Poles wanted the Orthodox nobles to convert, and many weren’t having it. Furthermore, peasant unrest at being fleeced by the Jews, and forced into abject serfdom was hitting critical levels. To top it off, Poland had made a deal with the Ottomans and the Cossacks were forbidden from further wars against Moslems.

All of it came to a head when Bohdan Khmelnitsky began his rebellion. There’s a decent Polish movie about it: With Fire and Sword.

To be fair, it portrays the Ukrainians and Cossacks as basically goofy-looking Mongols, but the battle scenes are fantastic. Observe: when the Cossacks are shown, the music goes all Darth Vader-y. And when the Polish nobles charge, it’s all flutes and trumpets and LOTR again lol.


The peasants and Cossacks ethnically cleansed most of Ukraine of Jews. To this day, the Jews and Polish elite are butthurt about it. Furthermore, they have never given up on their ambitions to retake Western Ukraine and reach the Black Sea. They think that the Jews will help them with this project.

But a deal with the devil always comes with costs.

The West wants Poland to accept the buttseks, brown people and Jew-geld in exchange for NATO missiles and tanks. Most of the Polish elites are pretty much down to sign on the dotted line, the only problem being that they haven’t convinced their unruly Slav serfs to sell out their nation just yet. The Jews are trying very hard to force their guilt-narrative on the Polish people and shift the blame for the Holocaust on them now.

And let’s face facts here. During WWII, the Poles did, in fact, pogrom Jews and in turn get pogromed by Germans and Ukrainians especially, who really, really hate Poles and Jews.

Everyone was pogroming everyone, basically. It was a pogrom party!

This is the new frontier of the Jewish Agenda:

Convincing Polish proles to believe that they participated in the Holocaust, then flooding Poland with brown people, while simultaneously using Polish cannon fodder in a war against Russia. The Jews have the same thing planned for the Ukraine and Russia, eventually, probably taking the angle that the Soviet Union repressed the Jews.