POLL FRIDAY: Should the Daily Stormer Have a Writing Staff or No?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 21, 2018

As the long-time reader is aware, I used to do this site entirely by myself.

Now, we have a writing staff that contributes articles.

However, right now, the entire writing staff, excluding Charles Martel who does race war, has gone on vacation at the same time, with zero of these people telling me they were going on vacation.

I pay them per article, and there is no way to regulate how much they write. Even while having this staff, I have still – to this day – never in 5 and a half years taken a day off (except on Christmas).

Furthermore, donations are at virtually zero, and that doesn’t seem like something that is going to change any time soon. I am spending from the site’s reserves every month to pay the staff, because there are nowhere close to enough monthly donations to pay the staff.

None of you really seem to give a fuck about that, and I’m tired of saying it.

I am considering just firing the entire staff, and running the site myself completely again.

I want to poll the audience.

Should I just write everything myself?

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