Poll: 81% of Germans Want to Forget About the Lampshadocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2015

"Bro, bro, don't gas me bro!  Bro don't gas me, bro, bro!" -Jews
“Bro, bro, don’t gas me bro! Bro don’t gas me, bro, bro!” -Jews

The Germans, like everyone else in the world, are fed up with floating a raft down an endless river of Jew tears and wish to forget about their stupid lampshading.

Though in Germany you get thrown in prison for doubting nonsensical Jewish claims that Adolf Hitler gassed billions of them with bug spray in homicidal chambers of doom – seriously, if you are even like “but wait, skin lampshades? where’s the proof tho?” they lock you up – a poll showed that an overwhelming majority want to put this alleged historical event “behind them.”

The Jew Occupation Government is attempting to get them back in line, instructing them that they have no choice but to live every day constantly thinking about their ancestors doing a lampshade on these innocent, Christ-killing victims.

i24 News:

The atrocities of the Nazi regime should never be forgotten, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in an interview published Sunday as a poll indicated 81 per cent of Germans would like to put the Holocaust behind them.

“It remains the duty of parents to inform their children that there can never be a line drawn under [our history],” Steinmeier told Sunday’s Bild newspaper.

“We can consider ourselves lucky that after the atrocities of the Third Reich, after 70 million dead in the Second World War and six million murdered Jews, that we can be accepted back into the international community, even today,” he said.

What the hell does that mean? They should consider themselves lucky for what? That they weren’t simply wiped out as punishment for the six million? Was that one of the options?

And also, aren’t we all just born randomly in the “lottery of the womb,” as they keep telling us? Isn’t this the reasoning why millions of Moslems and Negroes should invade our countries? That they should have less wealth than us simply because they were randomly born in Africa? That’s the argument there, right? Why then are individual Germans who were randomly born in Germany by chance being held responsible for things that their ancestors allegedly did?

The poll, conducted by the not-for-profit Bertelsmann Foundation about German-Israeli relations, found that 58 percent would like to see a line drawn under the Nazi past, Bild reported.

The findings were published ahead of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, now Oswiecim, in Poland by the Red Army on January 27, 1945. Steinmeier called it “a day of shame for Germany.”

Speaking of German-Israeli relations, Steinmeier said: “The bond of trust between Germany and Israel has grown over recent decades. The Germans have learned that the monstrous crimes of the Shoah will always mark relations between our two nations.”

“Always”? You mean, as in “forever”? Germans must forever be subject to Jew exploitation because they did the lampshade on them? What sort of moral system is being used to draw that conclusion? Certainly not the Christian system which teaches redemption. Nor the modern secular moral system which denies the concept of genetic inheritance and the concept of collective responsibility.

The Holocaust is a unique event in world history because it is the only time in world history when six million Jews were turned into lampshades by Adolf Hitler.
The Holocaust is a unique event in world history because it is the only time in world history when six million Jews were turned into lampshades by Adolf Hitler.  Because of this, we must pay Israel forever and never question the Jews, lest Hitler return and do a lampshade on six million more.

So seriously then. Let’s just say that every single German has a grandfather who worked in Adolf Hitler’s Nazi lampshade factory of genocidal hatred snipping and sewing Jewish skin into light fixtures.  How does that mean that Germans must be forever indebted to the Jews?

In other news, International Jewry has released their theme song for this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day AKA Holofest 2015:

In addition, P. Diddy and Beyonce will be performing a redux of “We are the World” entitled “We are the Lampshades” live at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

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