Poll: 4.6% of Reddit Users Identify as Nazi

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2015

Good news, everyone!
Good news, everyone!

A poll on Reddit shows that 4.6% of North American readers identify as Nazi or Fascist, a percentage equal to the amount who identify as “conservative.” The poll was conducted among only 162 people by /r/samplesize.

Still, pretty encouraging results.  One issue we have is that we have no idea what our actual numbers are, and no way to measure it.  I have thought about paying for a poll to be conducted in America about the Jews and Blacks and whatnot, but sadly I don’t have the funds.  What I could do is do it myself, just calling numbers randomly.  I could record it.  I would start every question with “what would you say if I told you…”

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