Polish Patriots Absolutely WRECK Kebab Shop Rapists in Krakow

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2019

Just as every mosque is a direct projection of Moslem power in a country that they are colonizing, so is the local kebab/shawarma hang out. In fact, the kebab shop is arguably far worse than the local mosque.

Clearly, more and more people are realizing this.

Now, most patriots fail to understand that the cities live under the Hipster Occupation Government, or HOG for short.

Named after their leader, David HOGg

These hipsters are part and parcel of a delicate ecosystem with the Moslem squatters and soon-to-be occupiers.

See, every Thursday through Sunday night, the hipsters go to the local watering holes to fill up with liquid estrogen and get their fill of whiny indie music.

They then stumble over to a kebab shop to fill up on empty carbs and freshly-ground child body parts.

This nourishes and sustains them.

You may not like it, but this is what peak masculinity looks like

Without the active collaboration and subsidization of the Moslem occupation by the local hipsters, the Moslems would have no choice but to close shop and search for other parasites to feed with their swill.

While I commend the Polish patriots for absolutely wrecking these roaches, I think that they’re missing the bigger picture here. Without addressing the root of the problem – the Hipster Occupation Government – you can’t make any headway in liberating your country.

That kebab shop is going to be filled with drunk and hungry hipsters the next Thursday night demanding that these Moslems go out and kidnap more young White girls to grind into the delicious shawarma meat that they’ve come to love so much.

When there’s such a high demand for freshly-ground White girl meat, there’s going to be a supplier.

That’s just basic free market economics.

And Krakow, where this beatdown occurred, is a very artsy town with lots of colleges and hipsters, unfortunately.

A quick Google search for “Krakow students” confirms this unfortunate fact.

Someone needs to red-pill these gopnik-warriors on the Hipster Question so that they expand their patriotic operations to college campuses and loft breweries.

The simple fact is that Moslems can’t survive without hipsters. Remove the hipster and you remove the kebab, comrade.

Their queen is nested somewhere in the local university, pumping out these disgusting hipster/bugmen pupae and releasing them into the general population of the college town each and every semester.

We realized that these bug-people were being spawned at the universities too late in America.

Only a few fragments exist from the last survivors in America.

We cannot get out. We cannot get out. They have taken the local bar and the second dorm. We are still holding… but hope… Spencer’s party went to Charlottesville two years ago but today only Patriot Front returned. The Sentient Soy took RAM – we cannot get out. The end comes soon. We hear drums, drums in the deep. They are coming.

Destroy the Queen and destroy the Nest before it’s too late, brave Polish patriots!

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  1. Not the first time Poles have rekt kebab shops in retaliation for migrant atrocities against their people.

    I just hope they get a little more “inventive” next time. Because it doesn’t take much to fix up a broken window/furniture.

  2. I tried shawarma once. It’s nasty, tastes like meat with peanut butter on it. Gross. Hipsters should be erased just for liking that shit. :face_vomiting:

  3. The Krauts still have the best pogroms.

    From August 22 to August 24, 1992 violent xenophobic riots took place in the Lichtenhagen district of Rostock, Germany; these were the worst mob attacks against migrants in postwar Germany. Even though stones and petrol bombs were thrown at an apartment block where asylum seekers lived, no one was killed. At the height of the riots, several hundred militant right-wing extremists were involved, and about 3,000 neighbourhood onlookers stood by, applauding them.[1]

    Didn’t kill anybody but man, did it scare the entire planet. And the normies applauding is the best part.

  4. Pretty soon, we’re going to have a Contra 3-type situation on our hands here, boys.

    Luckily, two ripped guys with the Spread drop is all we need.


  5. Imagine how much good Poland or Hungary could do if they made professional, broadcast quality, red pill material on Jewish political power, the fake Holocaust, and the multiple Jewish agendas. It need not be inflammatory. It just has to ask questions and lay out facts.

    It could be translated into every EU language and available for download.

    That would be a huge blow for the Jews.

    What do Poland and Hungary have to lose? The Jews are coming for all of us.

  6. I don’t understand why kebab shops exist when you can make better doner meat at home using around eight basic ingredients and an oven. Preparation time 10 minutes, including trimming the onions.

    That and you can see what’s going into it. I don’t know what goes into in those things sweating on skewers in two dozen reeking kebab joints on every high street in the land, but a million quid to a dog turd says it isn’t Prime Cuts of Lamb.

  7. Yah, we call it meat loaf…

  8. The pic of the polish girl shows why feminism is a problem in Europe. For some reason women still look attractive. While in north America feminism has turned women into land whales

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