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  1. Ich hasse moderne Deutsche mit ganzem Herzen

  2. Adopt says:

    The Poles have proven once again that they are The Master Race.

  3. Remember prussia the heart of germany is part of poland noe, the soviets forced these krauts to earn polish but they are still germanic NOT slavs

  4. m96 says:

    Just need to give those people some guns…

  5. Who said Pollacks were dumb?

  6. mostly the jews. they encouraged pollack, wop, mic, spic, kraut, so they could have slaves to rule over.

  7. That thing with the dike cut has to be a jew.

  8. Binz says:

    I wish she would have brought up the fact that NGO’s are taxiing thousands and thousands of migrants from Africa into Europe every single day. That point needs constant attention.
    Even better if she would have brought up that fact then speculated on the effects, motivations and conclusions of a policy which sends military ships to the coasts of Africa to pick up young men and then bring them to Europe.
    Why is this accepted? Why should Polish people be blackmailed into hosting these African migrant men? How long is this going to last? How will Europe go about deporting the ones who are denied asylum (the majority)?
    How can the EU demand Poland do anything the Polish people reject? She actually did bring up that last point, and one of the German cucks actually praised Angela Merkel for following her own instincts and morals instead of following “the polls.”
    It was pretty great when the polish woman said that Germans have some sort of neurosis. I wonder what the Germans think about that when they watch this segment. Do the German people understand that the majority of normal white people think that they have some kind of mental disorder or psychosis? Do they know it and just not care, or do they think other people view them as highly moral altrusts and Saints?
    I would love to be able to have an irl conversion with a German who supports the invasion.

  9. That women is Germanic. She is polish nationality but she is Germanic/Nordic. Such a shame how a lot of the blood btw these two nations is identical but they hate each other so much.

    White people in Europe will never survive if they are forever divided.

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