Poland Agrees to Give Shekels to Holohoaxers

Daily Slave
May 25, 2015

So do I, gramps.  So. Do. I.
So do I, gramps. So. Do. I.

Poland has agreed to give Jewish Holocaust hoaxers shekels to compensate them for shower room gassings, soapings and lampshadings that were alleged to have taken place over 70 years ago.

These Jews just don’t know when to stop.  This is a key weakness of the Jew.  They will keep pushing their lies and degeneracy until their entire ZOG system collapses on itself.  It will happen.  History has proven this.

Jerusalem Post:

New Polish regulations entitle Holocaust survivors born in that country to monthly pension payments of $130, restitution officials said.

The regulations that went into effect last month are expected to benefit nearly 20,000 survivors worldwide who were not eligible for compensation, The Jewish Week of New York reported Wednesday.

Gideon Taylor, the chairman of operations at the World Jewish Restitution Organization, told the paper that his organization had been negotiating with Poland for six months before arrangements were finalized last week.

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