Pointing Out That Dating Blacks is Weird is Now Worthy of a Crucifixion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2017

Katelyn Rust made the sin of making a logical observation.


This chick just destroyed her life.

NY Daily News:

An Ohio State student is backpedaling on offensive comments she made about black women in a video many people are labeling as racist.

Earlier this week, Miami University freshman Aleigha Mason shared a 10-second clip of Katelyn Rust ranting about how “weird” it was that her ex-boyfriend was hooking up with a black woman.

Rust, a white woman, was apparently angry that her ex was caught dancing with Mason, a black woman.

“First and foremost racism is wrong,” Rust said in a statement to The Lantern. “I, in no way, think that anyone is less of a person than anyone else because of their skin color, nationality, religion, sexual preference or otherwise and sincerely apologize for all the words in this Twitter video.”

Rust went on to say that her “weird” comment had nothing to do with the color of Mason’s skin.

“I was quite simply very hurt, and angry with an ex-boyfriend and jealous of her. Nothing more,” she said. “Again, I say in the strongest possible terms that racism is despicable and I apologize for any hurt or pain this tweet caused this young woman or anyone else.”

In the video Rust is seen looking into the camera and saying, “F— yourself you’re hooking up with a black girl, that’s weird. That’s weird as f—. F— you.”

Yes, it is weird as fuck.

The guy was probably just doing it to troll the blonde girl.

Or, he is a weird person.

Either way, pointing it out is totally normal and understandable.

In the caption, Mason wrote that it was “crazy” racism still existed at Ohio State.

“Can’t believe the color of my skin is ‘weird,'” she tweeted.

The color of your skin is not the part that is weird. It is weird that a white man would show sexual interest in you. At least publicly. And that isn’t really so much due to the color of your skin as the shape of your features, which look like that of a monkey or an ape.

I hate sluts as much as anyone, and believe they deserve to suffer. However, in this situation, I must say: Katelyn Rust did nothing wrong.

Hoax Revealed

Any white girl in this situation would have the same response: this is weird.

What that shows is that this whole “anti-racism” thing is just Pavlov-type training. When it comes to an emotional situation, such as that of sexual jealousy, the mask quickly drops.

The entire “equality” thing is a hoax that no one actually believes in, but goes along with because of the social consequences of not going along with it.

This entire system could easily break like a dam, which has always been my argument for pushing the envelope on the race issue. We need a mass reversion to the natural state, in the way that this girl reverted to the natural state in the case of an emotionally-charged sexual jealousy situation.