Please Confront the White-Hating Jew Rat Tim Wise on March 11th at Indiana University

Daily Slave
March 9, 2015

Tell this pig Jew that the hatred and death threats he has directed towards White people will no longer be tolerated.

I just wanted to encourage anyone in the area of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana to confront the subversive parasite Jew rat Tim Wise on his mean spirited White hating ways.  He is scheduled to speak on March 11th in order to spread his unique and disgusting brand of anti-White racial hatred.  Due to Jewish privilege, this disgusting douche bag pig demon has literally made a living out of spreading hatred of White people with his hate books and hate lectures.  Please tell this Jew that he should self deport himself to Israel and call him out on the death threats he has issued towards White people.

The Traditionalist Youth Network is planning to protest this scumbag and they could use your support. ¬†Information on the protest and how you can get involved is included in the link. ¬†In fact, it appears as if Tim Wise and a bunch of Marxist faggots are well aware of the coming protest. ¬†Wise himself wrote an insane and rambling diatribe¬†mentioning it in his latest blog posting. ¬†A group of anti-fascist faggots will likely stage a counter demonstration and use violence against anyone protesting this demonic Jew. ¬†That’s what they did back in 2013 when Wise previously spoke here. ¬†In fact they bragged about it. ¬†These fools have to resort to these tactics because they can’t logically justify any of their retarded political philosophies since they are only supported through feelings and emotion. ¬†These cowardly queers have also resorted to posting personal information about Traditionalist Youth Network members which is a cowardly bitch move on their part.

So if you attend the protest be prepared to defend yourself from these Marxist traitors.  If they attack you, a can of mace or pepper spray shot in their face will make them cry six million tears.  A blunt instrument may also keep these queers at bay.

Hell, if a riot occurs on the campus it will generate news and get people talking about issues we are concerned with.  It will also show people that there is opposition to this horrendous Jew propaganda that Wise and others promote.

So once again, if you are in the general area, please consider supporting this protest if at all possible.

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