Player 2 Has Joined: Loyalist Militias Are Prepping in Northern Ireland

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2019

So I guess it’s time for this thing again.

There’s a new IRA on the block doing bombings.

And the Loyalist militias are recruiting again.


“It’s effectively a life sentence – once someone joins a loyalist paramilitary organisation it’s virtually impossible to get out,” says Det Supt Bobby Singleton.

He leads the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s (PSNI) Paramilitary Crime Task Force, a specialist unit set up two years ago.

It focuses on the activities of loyalists and the republican group the INLA, which are viewed as crime gangs.

Other PSNI units and the security service MI5 deal with dissident republicans because they are viewed as a threat to national security.

Almost a quarter of a century since they declared ceasefires, loyalist paramilitary groups continue to exist.

They also continue to recruit.

“In loyalist communities, we’re talking about a significant number,” says Mr Singleton. 

I am excited.

Although, I’m not sure what these loyalist groups are planning on doing.

The UK never liked them, and they’re trying to arrest and crack down on them – even though these people are ostensibly on the same side.

In fact, there is a chance that the “Loyalists” will be a force for positive change in the UK.

You get this pretty often. 

Whenever you have people that live on the border of an empire, they’re usually more loyal and more hardcore and more proud of their ethnicity because they have an Other nearby that constantly reminds them that these values are important.

Shire-folk, on the other hand, are always the opposite.

Spoiled and capricious and weak.

Back in the 60s, in Algeria, you had “Loyalist” French colonists who had been living in the French colony for more than 300 years. When France decided to stab them in the back and give up on the counter-terrorism operation in Algeria, some of these pied-noirs decided to take revenge on France and began fighting both the French and the Moslem terrorists. They also started as a right-wing paramilitary group working with the colonial power (the OAS) but eventually went rogue.

I think there’s similar potential for the Loyalists in Northern Ireland. 

They may even be the people to lead the Shire-folk in middle England in resistance to whatever fresh horrors London has planned for the English people.