Pewdipie Banned From Twitter; Upon Returning, Follows Only Donald Trump

Daily Stormer
September 1, 2016

I had never watched Pewdiepie’s videos before now, not thinking there was anything interesting going on there. It seems I was wrong. This guy is actually a shitlord, though in a subtle way.

What if Harambe lived? I lol’d.

Also, we’ve previously reported that he’s been shooting some of his videos with a MAGA hat and Himmler glasses, as well as regularly using Hitler imagery in his videos.

Well, it seems Twitter has been on edge about him, with a itchy “banning” finger.

The Next Web:

PewDiePie – the most popular YouTuber, at about 47 million subscribers – was temporarily suspended from Twitter, and has been unverified.

The suspension appears to stem from a joke PewDiePie (whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) made about joining ISIS with fellow YouTuber Jacksepticeye. This originally led to PewDiePie becoming unverified – because making jokes in poor taste makes you less of a real public figure, apparently.

Well, according to Pewdiepie, he unverified himself to troll people, ridiculing those who take this seriously. But Twitter is known to remove people’s “verified” status as a kind of bitch-tier passive aggressive move against people they don’t like.

(bitch meme)

He then retweeted a post from parody account @SkyNeiws, which claimed PewDiePie had his account unverified due to “suspected relations with Isis”:


Anyway, of further note is the fact that apparently immediately after having his account restored, all the people he previously followed have been removed and replaced with a single one. The most important.


If you only follow one person, follow Trump.

If you check’s image for his twitter on the 30th of August, you’ll see that he used to follow 618 other twitter users, so this is definitely a new development.

And I interpret it as a big f**k you to Twitter for their censorship.

The reality is that whatever you may think of Pewdiepie, he’s extremely influential with the youth. He’s plugged in with what the kids find funny and entertaining these days, and he has millions of followers.

Even if he just maintains a subtle disdain for political correctness and supports Trump, that will still do a lot to normalize the right in the minds of young people.


This is good.