PewDiePie Mocks Jew YouTube Censorship Plan, Insults Jews and Heils Hitler

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2016

The world’s number one YouTuber has made a video mocking the new “YouTube Heroes” e-Stasi program, a program to employ sycophantic volunteers to help censor politically incorrect content on the site.

In the video, PewDiePie appears in a MAGA hat, watches a video of Adolf Hitler and mocks the Fine Brothers, a pair of Jews. He jokes that the Fine Brothers are behind the program, a sly way of condemning the Jewish forces behind the push.


With 48 million subscribers, PewDiePie has the biggest audience of any media figure in the world. At 26-years-old, he is making a million of dollars a month. And yet, he is willing to risk this job by standing up for the White race, endorsing Hitler and Trump and attacking the skypes.

This really puts into perspective where we would be as a society if the Jews didn’t have such a death-grip on our media. Wherever we see people making their own media, they go sharply right-wing.

Leafy, another huge YouTuber (five million subscribers), has also been pushing a right-wing narrative and has come out with a video denouncing the YouTube censorship plot.

He’s also making millions, and doesn’t care.

Because money doesn’t really matter anymore. Jew bribery doesn’t work. What good is money if your society completely stops existing? And what good is money anyway, in an age of material abundance? What does it get you? We’ve all got nice computers and phones – what do billionaires have that we don’t?

Expensive cars to drive around the immigrant-ridden streets and view women in bags and Blacks sleeping on mattresses on the sidewalk?

No one cares anymore. Young people are getting on-board with our agenda because they have something to fight for. They don’t want to live in a mixed-race hell future, being ruled-over by Jews. Our message is reaching them. We are expanding exponentially.

The fact that the most-viewed broadcaster in the world is apparently a Stormer and is using his platform to make his tends of millions of viewers comfortable with our agenda really puts into perspective the absolute idiocy of those in our movement claiming we need to cuck our message and convince the Jew media to like us in order to get mainstream success, and in fact makes them look like shills.

The ADL is Behind This YouTube Heroes Thing

I can pretty much guarantee that the kike ADL is behind this “YouTube Heroes” censorship program.

They formed a super-team back in June, comprised of former top federal agents and Jew journalists, with the stated goal of subverting the Stormer agenda, specifically naming this writer and his buddy weev as targets to undermine/destroy.


It hasn’t been announced that the ADL is behind this, but they have been publicly harassing internet outlets and demanding they censor anyone who questions kikes. Rabbi Greenblatt recently appeared on NPR with his co-ethnic Ari Shapiro to talk about his agenda of shutting everything down.

I have no doubt that the Jews are behind this program.

But will they ban their number one content-creator, virtually ensuring the emergence of an alternative platform?

Will the company be willing to destroy itself in order to serve the shut-down agenda of the Jews?

I hope they do.

If a company like YouTube or Twitter destroys itself through censorship, emerging companies will refuse to do it. And then we will finally be free.

Unless Hillary gets in, in which case she’ll just make the speech itself illegal.