Peter Hitchens Cries ‘Havoc’ and Endorses Imminent UK Civil War!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2017

Hitchens comes out of his cryo-sleep, (or rather he finally says something to make me perk up and pay attention) and announces imminent civil war in the UK!

Wow, he knows how to get MY attention, that’s for sure.

It’s a neat telephone interview and boy does it get off to an excellent start. The host talks about how there are only two positions exist now, you’re either a “snowflake or a racist.” But he thinks this is a bad thing for some reason. Baffling stuff, I know.

This can only be seen as a good thing, a great development even!

By the way, it only gets boring from there, so you don’t have to watch the whole damn thing.

What they fail to mention, (that I will) and what is happening now is a process called “balkanization.” And the best part is that the Muslims are doing it for us. See, fringe groups like ISIS and other radical Muslims can only exert their political agenda on mass society through terrorism, and through fear. This leads to balkanization, which happens when the middle is eroded because there can be no real discussions or negotiation anymore when one group is willing to kill if they don’t get what they want.

Because of Muslim terror, political tension gets exacerbated. People are thrown into anti-Muslim or pro-Muslim camps because it is such a polarizing issue. You can’t say, “let’s agree to disagree.” White people are at each other’s throats over the issue. Our side is saying enough, and their side is trying to keep their boot on our throats so we can’t speak and pleading with the normies to just trust them, that everything will work out eventually, assimilation and all that kumbaya nonsense is right around the corner.

But it’s not working, because the tension is building. The two camps are splitting from each other. Families are squabbling and relationships are fraying. Soon there will only be Nationalists and Liberals. And then, once they finish fighting it out, either politically, through outright war or something in the middle, more akin to political terror, then AND ONLY THEN, can we start moving to the showdown with the Muslims.

Then the day we are waiting for will dawn and it will simply be team White Sharia or Brown Sharia, and woe to anyone caught in the middle.

But Hitchens just HAD to cuck by saying:

“It would be completely improper to try to push [the immigrants] into leaving.”

Absurd. Being “propah” is what got you into this mess, you daft nob wanker cunt. And Hitchens basically says at the 20 minute mark that there is literally no solution to the problem of mass migration into the UK, that the brits have to live with the new brits as best as they can and be civilized about the whole affair.

Fuck that, time to go full Conan on these sand savages and their cuck enablers.

And the comments section is unforgiving.

The majority of the comments are definitely /ourguys/ and indicative of the general feeling in the population.

Let the pseudo-intellectuals posture and cuck. It’ll be the comment section that launches the RWDS and fights the RAHOWA in the not so distant future.

Hitchens is clever enough to see the future that is brewing in the UK, but he still needs to decide his future in it.

Top Comments

  1. Stormy says:

    Well, he’s part Jew.

  2. “Absurd. Being “propah” is what got you into this mess, you daft nob wanker cunt.”


  3. Fanda says:

    Ain’t that the truth. I can’t even go out for a drink with many of my formerly best friends any more, people with whom I have shared many happy memories of winter sports, drunken shenanigans, scratch football matches and even weddings and the birth of children.

  4. lucky says:

    there doesn’t need to be a civil war.

    specific targets just need to be “sent flowers”

  5. twitches with excitement

  6. Lots of ex-military in the UK are very unhappy

  7. Wayne says:

    No, he is just a cuck and intellectual scumbag. Something like Sargon of Cucktard and other “skeptics”.

  8. Wayne says:

    “Hate-literature”, “hate-filled”.

    This is cuck, leftard, libtard, SJWanker newspeak talk. Don’t use it in serious manner.

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