Pepe Makes International Headlines After ADL Declares Smug Frog a “Hate Symbol”

Eric Striker
The Daily Stormer
October 1, 2016


For years, Jews throughout the Western world have gotten their tentacles into everything from football to porn with the intention of infantilizing, degrading, dehumanizing and disenfranchising young and normal white men.  If you have trouble explaining oft-esoteric expressions of Jewish supremacy to the uninitiated, well, posit to your friends and family why when an Israeli fifth column based out of Manhattan declares a cartoon frog a “Hate Symbol” it makes the headlines of daily papers in Italy, Austria, and beyond the very next day.

In the heartland of America, where Jews are few but loom high through the institutionalization of their insane ideologies that they refuse to teach in Israel, cherry picked white male nullo-Goys (Shabbos-Goys are more dignified)  who specialize in pseudo-sciences like Sociology are scrambling against the clock to indoctrinate their students against this pernicious little cartoon frog.

Bearded Cuckold Wasting His Student's Time and Money

Bearded Cuckold Wasting His Student’s Time and Money

According to an interview by the ADL’s chairperson Jonathan Greenblatt, Donald Trump’s campaign has emboldened and grown “racist groups” by not condemning people who advocate and assert the right to life for whites passionately enough (goes to show the power of our ideas viz a viz theirs) .  Basically, the premise that Pepe the Frog is a hate symbol is ridiculous to even the stupidest hair twirling 18 year old girl majoring in Sociology, and on Judetube the well of beta male sperg commentators Jews have traditionally relied upon as power surrogates and cultural gatekeepers are throwing fits at the idea that Pepe the Frog, a meme they like for stupid reasons, is now declared forbidden by Jews because some use it as a vehicle for satire and dissent.

For those who have never thought deeply about politics, the Pepe Jewish invented self-satirizing controversy that the media is reporting–with a long , serious face mind you–opens up new questions leading to reflection in the public:

If they declare Pepe the Frog to be “hate,” what else are they lying and cynically exaggerating about about?

If you can be labeled a bigot and targeted for job loss, demonetization (youtube), or forcefully silenced for passing around a cartoon, is this really the free country that I was brought up to believe in?

Jews and their minions are a bunch of glib, vicious, humorless assholes. Are the “racists” on to something?

The revolutionary counter-culture we are building  is succeeding for one striking fact: a violent, overnight divorce from traditional Anglo-Saxon possum-conservatism (playing dead when your enemies push you to say what you really believe, which you don’t because some feel it’s not “polite”). The Jews are right to a point about Trump, he is the standard barer of this shift in the cultural dynamic, and he is polarizing America in a way not seen since the US Civil War by utilizing a German style blueprint of acknowledging an enemy as an enemy and a liar as a liar–thus treating him as what he is.

Trump’s campaign has succeeded in winning over the people by pushing and baiting “status” media and (((experts))) to tell brazen lies, thus dissolving the thin veneer of credibility that people for a long time have suspected was bullshit. Time and time again, people get their proof.

NY Times Jew Alan Rappeport Claims Machado Sex Tape is an"Allegation", People Search Five Minutes and Post Links and Pics of It Right Underneath on Twitter.

NY Times Jew Alan Rappeport Claims Machado Sex Tape Doesn’t Exist, People Search Five Minutes and Post Links and Pics of It Right Underneath on Twitter.

Young white men are cutting cable, tuning out of football  , getting angry about their diminishing prospects for a steady job or a wife and kids, and now, Judah is encroaching on the last space where white men can be left alone: sharing stupid inside jokes on the internet.  The astonishing growing power of our movement has made it impossible for both new and old conservative and paleo-conservative faces to lasso and consolidate (with the intent of making it safe for the power Zionists), and as more and more whites see for themselves that there’s nothing waiting for them in the “New America” (or “New Germany”, or “New Italy”, or “New Britain”) other than machetes, rape and third-worldization, more and more will finally get off the couch or turn off the computer games to finally assert ourselves once and for all as a bloc in the political realm.

The Jewish gangsters and their well-heeled think-tanks have overinvested in our unelected elites and underinvested in the little people. Wall Street, the mainstream media, the political establishment, the re-education camps opened up inside once proud institutions like Harvard–every day folks are realizing that the system isn’t misinformed, it’s our enemy.  They really thought whites were done, but we’re racial procrastinators that rise from the ashes as soon as you think we’re done for good.  At the end of the day, the young white men Zionist skypes like the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt attack , suppress, defame and exclude are still smarter than they are.

Nazi Wizardry Too Much for Jews

I’ll end this with a candid Maurice Samuels You Gentiles kind of confession. At the last Learned Elders of Kek conference, the Protocols forged established the circulation of Pepe the Frog as a way to make the machine short-circuit and allow us to grow in power.  I thought it was really dumb. I was wrong, they walked right into the trap and have been unmasked as the illegitimate and petty oppressor they have always been.  Basically, if the Anti-Defamation League flip-flops on Pepe being a symbol of hate, they look like they don’t know what they’re talking about, and if they keep promoting as the next Swastika in all their subsidiaries (some call it the media), they look like the sick little paranoid tyrants worthy of ruthless mockery that they are.

Trump is not the beginning or the end of our struggle. There is still work to be done in translating the millions of dissidents coming together in what is called the “Alt-Right” into a potential social, political and street movement. The first step is to support every single alt-right platform you like financially to the best of your abilities, and if you can’t afford it, contribute content or logistical support.

According to astrologists, since 2008 Pluto has come into Capricorn, which they associate with hidden truths becoming visible. The last time the stars aligned in this fashion was during the French and American revolutions. We have until 2024 to work within the opening dimension through our esoteric meme rituals, expect the Magnificent Power of Pepe to manifest itself in new and unexpected ways.

Real Life Footage From Esoteric Kekism Ritual That Keeps Possessing Jews To Show Their True Face to The World

Harmless Shits-n-Giggles Memes Are Made Powerful Through The Magic of Nazism.  Leaks Released By Time Traveling Shape Shifting Russian Hackers Have Provided An Internal Memo Showing That the ADL has ordered Jews To Sacrifice Twice As Many Gentile Babies This Passover To Counter Pepe Alone. We Are Working on Authenticating these Documents.