Pentagon Brainlets Bring Afghan Recruits to America; Let 40% Loose Inside Country

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2019

“We have to fight them over there so they don’t come here!” was the rallying cry when we went into Afghanistan and Iraq.

But apparently, the Pentagon has been bringing them over here and then just letting them loose in the country because they are so fucking stupid it hurts my soul to even contemplate how retarded these people are.


The Pentagon had no choice but to shut down a US-based program to train Afghan Air Force pilots after it emerged that nearly half of the cadets seized the opportunity and went absent without leave.

More than 40 percent of the Afghan cadets sent to train on the AC-208 light reconnaissance aircraft deserted the training program, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) reported. The watchdog did not detail exactly how many trainees went missing, but said it resulted in only one graduating class.

Consequently, the entire program was disbanded, with the second and third classes sent back to Afghanistan – possibly to prevent further desertions. The Afghan Air Force (AAF) has five AC-208s in their inventory.

I don’t know much about the average American’s experience with Afghanis, but I’ve had to spend time with Afghan interpreter families transplanted to the US – and let me tell you, these are absolutely terrible people. They are almost as dumb as the people in the Pentagon, who have already lost the war in Afghanistan and who will almost certainly never be fired for bungling the thing so badly either.

Very roughly speaking, Afghanistan is split between north and south. In the north, there is something called the Northern Alliance that is comprised of Tajiks and other people from the ‘stans mostly.


The Soviets used them to fight the Mujahadeen and then, when America invaded, they were forced to use them to fight the Taliban.

They are renowned the world over for their martial prowess.

Although to be fair, the Afghan government does have to recruit from other non-Taliban controlled provinces as well.

Needless to say, though, the minute the US pulls out of Afghanistan is the minute the government collapses and the country goes into full civil war mode, with the Taliban almost certainly winning.

It also comes less than a month after local media found out that an estimated $7 billion worth of equipment was stolen from Camp Kearney base in Paktika province in the east of the country, after it was handed to the Afghan forces by the US in 2014.

Provincial Governor Mujib Rahman Samkanai claimed at the time that the looters were “former governors, commanders, mayors, directors, parliament members.”

Things are looking dire – the Afghan government has started censoring the publishing of data relevant to casualties and territory controlled.

No wonder the Afghan soldiers that the Pentagon brings over from Afghanistan are deserting. First and foremost, they are disgusting drug-addled half-apes that cannot operate planes, let alone run a country.

Second of all, they know that the war will be lost because the Pentagon is the world’s densest collection of incompetent idiots who can’t even win a war against people in flip-flops and beanies… and that they will be punished for collaborating.

So they’re making a run for it while they still can. 

Their children will almost certainly rape American girls and commit terrorism on American soil like all these American allies invited to come over to America end up doing eventually.