Pennsylvania’s Jew Attorney General Threatens Gab with Criminal Charges…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2018

So, you have this inbred, hyper-nepotistic group of “people” who literally believe that they are a divine master race meant to rule over everyone on earth.

And then you let them into your government, which is ostensibly based on egalitarianism.

How is that supposed to turn out?


A social media platform headquartered in Philadelphia is facing investigation from Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office after profile was found for the accused Pittsburgh synagogue shooter.

The social media site says Robert Bowers had a profile on its website.

A cached version of the account believed to belong to Bowers showed posts that are anti-Semitic and anti-refugee.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro took questions about his concern.

We’re also going to be conducting independently a review of the social media platform Gab, used by this individual in Pittsburgh,” said Shapiro. “We’re going to do everything we can to support law enforcement and do our work as well to keep people safe.”

Upping the ante on Gab to potential criminal charges just shows how truly vicious these rats are.

And of course it’s a Jew AG.

What else would it be?