Pedophilia Conviction Overturned After Victim Claims She Loves Perpetrator

Daily Stormer
December 14, 2013

The perverse influence of the Jews makes a mockery of the Aryan sense of Justice.
The perverse influence of the Jews makes a mockery of the Aryan sense of Justice.

The diseased “justice” system of Italy recently ruled that a 60-year-old man caught naked in bed with an 11-year-old girl should have his conviction overturned because the two are “in love”.

This story is shocking enough already, but it actually gets even worse: the girl came from a troubled background and had been placed in the care of the man, who worked for the local social services.  Short of the horrible crime of incest, it is difficult to imagine a grosser violation of trust and decency than a grown man emotionally manipulating and sexually exploiting a defenseless child left in his care.

The facts of this case are absolutely clear.  The two were caught in the act.  Apparently the parties involved do not even deny that the crime took place.  It is hard to imagine a situation where a swift execution would be more appropriate.

But under the current system of morality, where pleasure and “personal choice” trump all other considerations, every sexual perversion imaginable will soon be normalized.

The act of procreation is given to us for the furtherance of the race and binding together in physical affection a man and woman who have pledged to be lifelong partners.  Traditional European morality understood this, and instituted moral codes that ensured the creation of stable families and strong nations.  The corruption of our sexual morality leads to our overall corruption as a people.

As the Jewish poison continues to spread throughout our civilization, the perversion of justice will grow continuously worse, and if Jewish power is not destroyed, all decency will be lost.

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