Paul Nehlen Exposes the Racial Nature of Jews on (((Rebel Media))) Show

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2018

Paul Nehlen made a recent appearance on John Cardillo’s show. This is a show produced by Rebel Media, an operation run by the Jew Ezra Levant. It was an interesting appearance to say the least.

Cardillo challenged Nehlen on several things that he has previously tweeted about Jews. Specifically, Cardillo tried to claim that there is no racial difference between Jews and Whites. This is obviously false as it is a known fact that Jews and Whites have different DNA types and represent separate racial groups.

The Jerusalem Post late last year did an article talking about how Israel is determining if someone is a Jew through genetic testing. This is just one of many articles written in the Jewish press discussing how Jews are a completely separate racial group from Whites.

And remember that Jew teen who did a slam poem ranting about how she’s Jewish and not White?

The Jews themselves admit that they are a separate racial group. This is not a debatable fact.

Cardillo was abrasive throughout the whole interview. He frequently interrupted Nehlen when he tried to make his points. Despite Cardillo’s ridiculous tactics throughout the interview, Nehlen made him look silly. Cardillo was performing all sorts of mental gymnastics to try and refute Nehlen’s point about how Jews and Whites are racially different.

Cardillo also went on a deranged cuckservative “muh principles” rant against Nehlen’s plan to stop political censorship by internet monopolies, and ended up looking like a lunatic out to destroy human freedom.

Nehlen was so effective that Rebel Media declined to post the interview publicly. It’s apparently sitting behind a pay wall. The only copy that is publicly available is the one Nehlen recorded himself for insurance purposes.

Shortly after the interview, Cardillo complained that Twitter was deleting his followers. They are in fact deleting everyone’s followers in their ongoing censorship campaign.

This is the exact issue Nehlen was talking about, which he claimed was something related to private companies.

There has been some debate over if Nehlen made the right decision by revealing his power level on the Jewish problem. In the short term it probably limits his ability to win public office, but it has been very positive in many other respects. He’s clearly causing major problems for the Jews with his tweets and interviews. He’s normalizing debate about the Jews in mainstream politics and there’s no denying that this is a good thing.

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