Part and Parcel Nail Bomb Attack in France and No One Blinks

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 25, 2019

I’ve always been struck by the opening scene of Children of Men. 

In it, the main character is surrounded by the horrors of the horrendous Multi-Kulti world that London finds itself in by the year 2027. He’s going about his day and doesn’t even get fazed by almost getting killed by a terrorist (or maybe a false flag bomb), and none of the other characters take it very seriously either.

The way that violence, despair and the Multi-Kulti is depicted in this movie really struck a chord with me. It’s probably the closest anyone has come to depicting the feeling of today extrapolated a dozen years into the future.

A part and parcel bomb goes off in Lyons and what would have had everyone talking 10 years ago is just treated with a collective shrug.


At least 13 people were injured in an explosion in the French city of Lyon after a man left a suspected parcel bomb on a shopping street, officials said.

Most of those hurt were hospitalised for treatment to leg injuries that were described as “light”. The Paris counter-terrorism prosecutor has opened a probe into the blast.

Hate Speech can literally cripple a brown person and his descendants for life with trauma-related disabilities, but a Moslem bomb can just give you a mild case of shrapnel that a Band-Aid and a kiss should clear up.

No one has claimed responsibility for the act as of yet, said Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz at a news conference on Saturday. He said investigators found screws, metal marbles, seven small batteries, a printed circuit board, and a remote-controlled trigger device.

The suspect was captured on security video leaving a bag in front of a bakery shortly before an explosion occurred at around 5:30 pm local time, police sources and local mayor Denis Broliquier said.

The police released a photo of the suspect as part of a call for witnesses to come forward to help find the man who is still at large. He is wearing a dark-coloured balaclava and sunglasses, pushing a bike.

They said the individual was dangerous and told the public not to approach him under any circumstances but provided a number for anyone with information on his whereabouts to call.

At least we get a manhunt out of this. Those are always fun.

If it’s a Moslem (which it probably is), then he’ll hide out with his cousins for a couple of days while the intelligence services check their WhatsApp message dragnet to find out who the Moslems are gossiping about having done it. They’ll find out the addresses of extended family and friends and then send in the SWAT team.

After that, the problem is officially solved.

Until the next problem occurs, of course.

But as long as they take away more civil rights, get an increase in their funding and pass new Hate Speech legislation, they’re quick to reassure the public that the problem can be taken care of.

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  1. They wonder why the yellow vests are protesting?

    We need to take back Europe our homeland

  2. How come you’re assuming that it wasn’t the Nazi’s?

  3. Jews make movies of what they’re engineering against the goyim.
    It’s a kind of ritual with them.

  4. The opening scene of that movie is more about the cult worship of celebrities(the dead kid) and about how the world falling apart around them being an afterthought.
    Opium for the masses.

  5. This video explains why no one cares.

    Amazing stuff!

  6. The cabal warns the public about their schemes beforehand in order to absolve themselves of legal and karmic repercussions. “See, we clearly told everyone what we were going to do, and nobody objected! They went along with it, it’s not all our fault, don’t blame us!”

  7. Yep that’s a Masonic/Luciferian/Mystery Religion trick, it’s as old as human civilization. It’s how you control large masses of humans by subconsciously getting their permission first.

  8. I’m positive that predictive programming does occur all the time especially in Hollywood movies and other popular culture, however at the same time I highly doubt that the Jews actually care either way whether they have our cooperation or not… It’s not as if Jews are just suddenly going to stop being Phariseeical Parasites on the day we collectively withdrawal our consent… This is a behavior that they are biologically compelled to engage in… Sure it probably makes Jews rest a little easier at night if they know that gullible goyim accede to their agendas, however they’re not just going to start being good Jews just because we eventually tell them no either…

  9. Boing says:

    Daily Stormer Gold.

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