Paris: Eleven Young Vibrants Found Guilty of Gang-Raping Four Girls in a Cellar

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2019

Glad to hear that the court was lenient on them.

They’re only minors, after all.

We all did some silly things when we were young.


A total of eleven different young men, eight of whom were minors, have given light sentences of between three and eleven years after being found guilty of gang-raping four girls in a cellar.

The attacks occurred in September of 2016, with a 17-year-old coming forward to police on September 15th saying that she had been gang-raped by at least ten boys, with three other girls coming forward later — including a 14-year-old — saying that they too had been raped by the gang of youths, 7sur7 reports.

The 17-year-old described the perpetrators of the attack as wearing football uniforms, which led police to search a nearby stadium in the heavily migrant-populated Paris suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis where several of the rapists were identified and arrested.

According to investigators, the boys involved in the gang rapes used coded language to indicate to their compatriots when a girl was being lured to the cellar where the gang rapes took place.

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  1. Zaros says:

    Wimmin should be free to venture into dark cellars with migrants without the fear of rape

  2. These sluts went off somewhere with brown guys and we are supposed to
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  3. Maybe the sluts were brown too? I’d like to think that.

  4. It’s very common that they are. The most well-known book about gang-rapes in France (“Dans l’enfer des tournantes”, literally “In the hell of gang rapes”) has been written by an Arab woman. Say what you want about our vibrants, but France is not England-tier when it comes to White girls being raped.

  5. We were given briefings when I worked in transportation on how to spot the non-whites who would do this. They’d use public transport and cheap hotels, usually the girl is wasted.

    If successful the non-white would then vector in his fellow vermin via cellphone to gang rape the girl while she was drunk / part drunk in some room somewhere with him.

    However we’d call the police on them and it would end up being broken up if our eyes on the threat were correct.

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  7. If I had known that gang-raping is no big deal when you’re under 18, I could have had so much fun in my youth.

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