Palestine: Jews Allegedly Uncover Iranian Plot, Kill Teenager

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2018

Alleged Iranian agents found by Jews in Palestine

Jews continue their campaign of terror and murder in Palestine.

As the Arab world focuses on destroying Iran, the only state that is actually posing a threat to Israel.


A Palestinian hospital official says a teenage boy was killed in clashes with the Israeli army, which says troops fired at an armed protester.

Fathi Abu Mughli, director of Istishari Hospital, said Musab Tamemi, 17, was shot in the neck. Residents of the village of Dir Nizam, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, said protesters were clashing with Israeli forces.

Israel’s military said soldiers opened fire at a protester with a gun during clashes. It says it is reviewing the incident.

Jews also claim to have uncovered an Iranian cell in Palestine.

It may or may not be true – but certainly, Iran is among the only Islamic countries supporting the Palestinians.

Fox News:

An Iranian-backed terror cell intent on launching espionage missions and terror attacks in the West Bank was uncovered by Israeli security forces, authorities said Wednesday.

The Shin Bet said in a statement Wednesday three Palestinians were arrested, among them 29-year-old computer engineering student Mohammed Maharmeh, from Hebron.

Maharmeh is suspected of being enlisted by his uncle, identified as Bahar Maharmeh, who had been living in South Africa and working as an Iranian operative.

Officials said the younger Maharmeh was recruited and allegedly tasked with enlisting suicide bombers and gunmen for attacks against Israelis. The Shin Bet said he received $8,000 from Iran.

Officials said the younger Maharmeh also recruited two men from the Hebron area – Nur Maharmeh and Diaa Sarahana, both 22.

All three men were arrested. Bahar Maharmeh remains on the run.

The fact that the Arabs are either too stupid or too selfish to support Iran – and are in fact actively seeking to destroy them – just shows what a joke Sunni Islam actually is.

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