Pakistan: Moslems Kill Christian Boy in Classroom, Teacher Ignores It

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2017

This is the fate of non-Moslems in Islamic territories.

Most people have no real understanding of what life will be like once Islam conquers their lands. They might be under the delusion that they’ll be given the same rights and privileges we afford minorities in our own lands.

Well, I got some bad news.

Moslems are not known to treat “dhimmis” well. In fact, the whole concept of “dhimmi-tude” is basically an extermination program for the infidel.

Honestly, I’m surprised there’s still Christians at all in Pakistan under those conditions.


A teenager from a Christian family has been beaten to death by Muslim classmates at the MC Model Boys Government High School in Pakistan, allegedly for drinking from the same water cooler as them.

Sharoon Masih, described as “an incredibly bright student from an impoverished Christian family” by the British Pakistani Christian Association, was targeted from his first day at the school, where he was the only Christian in his year.

It actually seems like the infidel are being exterminated pretty efficiently then. Impoverished, and a tiny minority, to be bullied and killed whenever a Moslem feels like it.

Classmates isolated Sharoon, telling him: “You’re a Christian, don’t dare sit with us if you want to live,” according to Christian Today.

The kaffir must bow down to their Islamic masters – or die.

They also attempted to convert him, slapped him, and verbally abused him as a ‘chura’ — a pejorative term for Christian — and refused to let him use a common drinking water cooler.

Muslims are discouraged from drinking from the same vessels as non-Muslims in Islam, and another Pakistani Christian — Asia Bibi — ended up languishing on death row for years following a dispute over her fitness to carry a water bowl.

Sharoon’s punishment when he drank from the cooler on his fourth day at the school was more immediate, with classmates subjecting him to a fatal beating.

Early reports suggested the teacher present at the time of the attack — named as Nazir Mol — turned a blind eye as Sharoon was pummelled to death, although he claimed he simply did not notice the beating as he was reading a newspaper.

I bet the teacher helped them beat up the Christian boy.

Some of our readers may say they don’t care that some brown people killed another brown kid. However, it’s a good case study for understanding the status and lifestyle that Moslems impose on their minorities.

This is our future, if we don’t beat back the hordes massing at our gates.