Paid MIGA Shills Claim That the Yang Gang are the Real Paid Shills!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2019

Given the revelation that Trump is officially planning to flood America with more brown people than ever before in history, and then given the realization that every one of Israel’s goals has been fulfilled under the Trump Presidency while not even a single one of our goals has been fulfilled, it is hard to believe that anyone still has the energy to shill for Donald Trump.

And yet, if you go on 4chan and Reddit, there are a bunch of hardcore shills pushing the MIGA agenda.

What’s worse, there is a thread posted every two hours on /pol/ about how Yang is hiring paid shills to shill 4chan.

As if you would have to pay people to shill for you getting $1000 for free. They are already getting paid!

Let me tell you.

We know who the real paid shills are.

Firstly, there is no one with a name on any platform still defending Trump.

Except one satanist who sold his soul for cold takes.

And a couple of women who say they’re going to get raped when giving everyone $1000 for free every month collapses the economy.

I don’t think that it will collapse the economy, but if it does and America turns into a gigantic Mad Max type rape camp then well, that might be the only possible outcome better than getting a thousand bucks for free every month.

So how are we supposed to believe that the Yang Gang are paid shills when everyone we know supports Yang and only anonymous shills are supporting MIGA?

Who are all these people?

A bunch of Pinoys like that one with the van they said sent the fake bombs?

Furthermore, if Yang is shilling his own anti-Semitic memes on 4chan then that just makes me like him even more.

These memes are good memes.

When was the last time you saw a good Trump meme?

This is a Yang Gang meme, by the way.

Not a Trump meme.

Complaining that you’re being out memed by paid shills is just baby whining and proves that you’re the real paid shills angry that you can’t do your shill job so you’re lashing out by calling others paid shills.

How is r/The_Donald planning to meme Trump going forward?

How do you meme “more immigrants than ever before in all of history”?

How do you meme “I’m fighting to protect AIPAC from a Somalian Congresswoman”?

If you could meme that, Hillary would have had a meme army in 2016.

But you can’t meme that.

The only thing you can do with anything Trump is saying now is try to convince people to join the Democrat Party.

There is no fun left in anything relating to Donald Trump, because there is nothing good left, and memes can only be made from good things like gassing Jews or getting $1000 a month for free.

For example, this meme is not very good.

But it is better than anything MIGA has, because people actually want Jeff Bezos to be forced by Chairman Yang to pay them to play video games. That is an objectively good thing.

Trump is rambling about Israel and mass immigration. And I’m not going to shill for someone who betrayed me by siding with a Jew who is trying to exterminate me after telling me he was going to build a wall and make Israel pay back all that money we gave them.

I’ve already said that if it comes down to Trump v. Kamala, I’ll endorse Trump. He’ll lose anyway, but I’ll endorse him.

Basically, MIGA shills are just Kamala shills.

Right now, we have a totally new option, which is interesting.

I challenge all of the shills shilling for MIGA – make me a single good meme out of anything Trump has done since reneging on the shutdown.

Because this is the only one I see spammed on /pol/.

And I can go ahead and fix that one right now.

Crushed it.

And what are the top memes on r/The_Donald right now?

Oh, that’s cute. Too bad Trump is bringing in an army of brown people – more than any time in history – to give them a historical gang-raping. At least under Yang they’ll have something to show for getting gang-raped in the form of $1000/m – EACH.

And what’s this here?

Mike Pence and a Filipina preparing to liberate Venezuela from the threat of socialism?

We know who the real gooklovers are.

So bring your MIGA memes. You should be able to beat a bunch of paid shills, right?

Maybe you can meme the fact that Yang is a Chinese spy? Oh no that’s right, you can’t – because that is fucking hilarious and everyone WANTS to vote for a Chinese spy because that’s the only way we’re ever going to get anything done in this country!