Over 30 German Cops Being Investigated for “Brutality” During G20 Riots (The Rioters Were the Real Victims of These Riots)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2017

Each day gets more sick and weird.

After the riots in Hamburg during the G20 – which were absolutely the worst riots in the history of white people, this was Egypt-tier – the government is launching investigations…

…against the cops.

That’s right, friend.

After these crazies burned down the entire city, looted shops, attacked random people on the streets including journalists and effectively staged a mini-coup for a period, controlling the streets of the city to the point where diplomats were unable to leave their hotel rooms – the police are being investigated for abusing the rioters.

This is the government punishing its own employees for defending them against attackers.

I noted when commenting on the riots before that the rioters hold the exact same worldview as those they are protesting against. Other than Trump and Putin, the leaders of the G20 are all pro-Islamization, mass immigration, homosexualization, feminization, etc. etc. etc.

So not only was this the biggest white riot in history, but the only major riot I’m aware of (other than previous G20 riots, which were never this extreme) where the rioters shared the political views of those they were rioting against.

The interesting fact is, the people who probably disagree with both the rioters and the G20 leaders are the cops themselves. Cops tend to be more “authoritarian personality” minded and right-wing, by the nature of the profession. As well as working class. Whereas “anti-capitalist” rioters tend to be rich kids.

Five-hundred police were injured during the riots. So you have the protesters attacking the cops on the street, then the government attacking the cops in the courts.

Why does the entire German police force not walk-out over this?

I guess it’s because they’re German.

And they will do as they’re told to do.