/Ourgirl/ Lorde In Trouble as Kikes Sue Fans Who Convinced Her to Cancel Her Concert in Israel

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2018

Kikes are the most devious and back-handed peoples to ever curse the peoples of this earth.

So get this.

A pair of Israeli fans of Lorde are upset that she didn’t come to Israel. So they’re suing Lorde…well not exactly Lorde, but the people who convinced Lorde not to come, for emotional distress.

You heard me right, a team of crack Jew lawyers is suing the two Lorde fans who wrote Lorde a letter urging her to boycott Israel.


Darshan Leitner, who heads the right-wing legal organization Shurat Hadin, is suing the two for violating Israel’s Boycott Law passed in 2011.This would be the first time tort liability will be imposed on someone who called to boycott the State of Israel,” she said.

The suit was filed Tuesday in Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court. “The Boycott Law does not limit its application solely to Israeli citizens and authorized the Israeli courts to hear claims made against foreign residents,” said Darshan Leitner. “The trial itself will take place in Israel. Lorde’s cancellation was in Israel, the damages suffered by the plaintiffs took place in Israel and the call by the New Zealander activists to cancel the appearance was published on the internet, therefore it’s global.”  

Now I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that this court case could set a dangerous precedent.

If anyone anywhere – even if they are a Palestinian and liberal Jewish activist as in this case they are – can be sued by the Jews for boycotting Israel, or perhaps in the future even saying anything negative about Israel, then we’re going to be in a whole lot of trouble soon.

They’re pretty open about why they’re filing the lawsuit too.

Aside from the damages suffered, she said, she is representing the complainants out of a desire to fight the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. “We are representing the girls with the aim of battling those who call to boycott the State of Israel and to deter those who seek to do so in the future.”

It gets better though.

Asked why an artist can’t cancel an appearance in Israel for political reasons, Darshan Leitner replied, “Lorde planned to come to Israel. She was incited to cancel her appearance by lies that were brought to her attention. The BDS movement is a movement based on falsehood that smears Israel all over the world. It’s also the reason the Israeli legislature imposes tort liability, because it sees the movement as undermining the existence of the state.For this reason, by the way, we are not suing the singer, but those who incited her to act against Israel.”

In other words, they don’t have the stones to take on /ourgirl/ Lorde head on just yet, so they have to go for her knee-caps first and aim at the fan base.

But what these kikes don’t know is that Stormers love Lorde. Both she and Taylor “Aryan Goddess” Swift share the exact same fanbase.

Like many Stormers, I jam out to Green Light all day errday.

The “Green Light” that Lorde references multiple times in the song is a clear reference to the “green light to gas kikes” that we Stormers are all just waiting for.

And I hesitate to point this out to the uninitiated, but the secret will probably spill out eventually anyways so here goes.

Lorde’s song, “Tennis Court” is about the secret Alt-Right plot that all of us inner-circle bigwigs hatched by the tennis courts in Auschwitz – right next to the swimming pool – and the plot included…well…you probably guessed it.

Gassing kikes.

Anyways, I can neither confirm nor deny that Lorde was at that secret meeting.

But soon after the meeting, Lorde came out with her hit, Royals. In the video you can clearly see the new Alt-Right recruits shaving off their hair to get the skinhead look. They then begin a rigorous fighting regimen to prepare for street action.

And the song is clearly about eschewing material possessions and committing yourself instead to becoming Aryan warriors. Because of it’s clear anti-Semitic undertones, we like to play Royals during our training sessions every thursday.

All I can say is that the Daily Stormer is backing Lorde to the hilt on this brave political stand that she has taken against organized Jewry.

Well done, gal.

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