Oscars So Anti-White: Most Nominated Films Push Jewish Agenda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2016

It must be admitted that Jada Pinkett Smith, leader of the #OscarsSoWhite boycott, is not your typical Negress.
It must be admitted that Jada Pinkett Smith, leader of the #OscarsSoWhite boycott, is not your typical Negress.

The #OscarsSoWhite drama continues to heat up. The media just won’t stop talking about it.

Apparently, all of the nominated actors are actually White (as opposed to Jew), but the fact remains that Hollywood is totally controlled by Jews. All major studios have a Jewish head, meaning it is fully impossible to get a film produced without Jewish approval. Regardless of this known fact, the media is pushing a narrative that Hollywood is controlled by Whites and used to do racism on Blacks.

The truth is something close to the diametric opposite of this.

While the acting talent is White, most all of the films nominated – indeed, most all of the films Hollywood produces – are pushing a Jewish anti-White agenda.

The Films

The most nominated film, The Revenant, is about evil White settlers killing innocent Indians. Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays frontiersman Hugh Glass, has an Indian wife who is killed by evil Whites. His halfling son is then killed by an evil White.


The true story of Hugh Glass does involve an Indian wife, though she was not murdered by evil Whites. There is no record of a halfling son. This material was added to the film specifically to create an anti-White narrative, to continue the myth of the “Indian genocide.”

The film easily could have followed the true story of Hugh Glass, which is intriguing enough, but instead they opted to make alterations to the story in order to push a political agenda. The film’s director, though appearing to be ethnically Spanish, is of Mexican descent.

Mad Max: Fury Road, a c-grade sci-fi film, received the second most nominations, and features Jewish feminist themes. As we often say on this site, feminism is an anti-White ideology by default, as Whites are the only racial group which will fall for this Jewish hoax ideology.

These females are escaping an evil patriarch in Mad Max: Fury Road.

I am a sci-fi/fantasy fan (I especially enjoy dystopian sci-fi) and found this film to be poorly made on a basic level (regardless of anything political). It is apparent that it was nominated for purely political reasons, as it is not standard for sci-fi/fantasy films to receive any major nominations, let alone “best picture” nominations (for example, the Hobbit series of films, being among the best films of the year for three years straight, only received minor Academy nominations).

The Martian, another film receiving high numbers of nominations, features a female genius scientist and a Black genius scientist, neither of which have ever existed.

This is much more believable
This is much more believable
Than this.

Carol, tying for fourth place, is about intergenerational lesbian love. Homosexual propaganda is consistently pushed on Whites in order to lower the birthrate and inject chaos and confusion into society.


Also highly nominated was The Danish Girl, which is about a Swedish tranny and openly glorifies “sex reassignment surgery,” which is a euphemism for “cutting off your penis.”

The new Jewish version of Star Wars received several nominations. This film is basically just a remake of the first film, with Whites replaced by a Negro and an empowered woman. Presumably, these two will have a sexual relationship in the sequel.

Jewish director JJ Abrams appears to have purposefully chosen the most simian-looking Negro he could find for the role.
Jewish director JJ Abrams appears to have purposefully chosen the most simian-looking Negro he could find for the role.

The film’s Jewish director, JJ Abrams, stated explicitly that he included “diverse” actors in the film because he believes Whites need pushed out of Hollywood.

Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight also received several nominations. Produced by the Jewish Weinstein Brothers, this is one of the most extreme anti-White films Hollywood has ever put out and features the forced homosexual rape of a White man by a Black as revenge for the Civil War.


Other nominees include The Big Short, which covers up the Jewish banking conspiracy, and Ex Machina, which is about a feminist robot.

Inverted Reality

As we see, the mainstream narrative once again inverts reality, presenting the opposite of the truth.

Just as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were portrayed as victims, when in reality they were predators, Hollywood is being portrayed as something which consciously serves the interests of Whites, when in fact it victimizes them.

It is a bizarre situation.