Oscars Get BLACKED Yet Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2019

For years, people on Twitter were saying “#OscarsSoWhite,” claiming that the majority of people winning the ostensibly prestigious Hollywood awards were white.

Of course, the people on Twitter refused to acknowledge that the Oscars were much more JEWISH than “white,” and if you tried to point that out to them, you got permabanned.

In 2017, the Oscars responded to the Twitter campaign by getting BLACKED. In 2018, they chilled out a bit and went back to mostly whites and Jews.

The 2019 Oscars, which aired Sunday night, did an encore performance of 2017 BLACKED Oscars.

tfw you’re being race-replaced

But get this – they used the same black guy!

The 2017 BLACKED Oscars gave the Best Picture award to a film called “Moonlight,” and the Best Supporting Actor award to Mahershala Ali for his role in that film.

That appears to be a black art film (???) about gayniggers. I remember them talking about how it was the movie to win an Oscar that the fewest people had seen.

This year, the Best Picture went to “Green Book,” with the Best Supporting Actor award going to the star of Green Book… Mahershala Ali!

This film appears to be highly politically charged. I didn’t watch it. But just watching that trailer right now, it seems it is about a dignified negro teaching a greasy Italian gangster how to be civilized.

What I will tell you is that I watched most of the latest season of True Detective with Mahershala Ali, and I can understand why they chose him to be the black guy who makes the Oscars black. He doesn’t come off as a self-righteous nigger like Jamie Foxx (who also by the way won two Oscars in the 00s, but for whatever reason wasn’t thought of in the #OscarsSoWhite campaign).

Ali is married to a black woman and is some kind of black Islamic (hence the name).

He doesn’t have the “we will kill you whitey and fuck your women” attitude that Jamie Foxx has.

I assume that is all part of the plan.

Basically, the Jews underestimated the backlash that people would have to the whole “black man rise up and kill whitey” movement that they were promoting during the Obama years.

You’ll note that Black Lives Matter has basically disappeared. This is because the Jews all cut their funding to it because several incidents, including ongoing riots and the #BLMKidnapping, led to white people becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of being slaughtered and eaten by roving black cannibal gangs.

So Ali fits with the toned down tone of the new take on the black takeover. Which I assume is why they chose to give him and his movies the Oscars twice.

When they skipped the blacking in 2018 and a film about a white woman having sex with a fish took home most of the awards, no one seemed to complain, since they had done a BLACKED Oscars in 2017. So I guess the deal now is, every other year they’re going to roll out Mahershala Ali and give him an Oscar, then go back to normal Jew stuff on the off years.

But it really doesn’t matter, because no one watches this shit anymore.

The last four years have seen drastic drop-offs in viewership.

The ratings for last night’s show aren’t out yet, but I’d wager they’re lower than 2018.

Just in general, the old mainstream stuff is becoming less and less popular, rapidly. This is presumably a combination of just the availability of new types of entertainment media, along with a fracturing culture, and also the push to alienate white people with political correctness and BLACKING.

Because these old institutions are collapsing, we’ve seen a big move by the Jews to takeover organic forms of online media, such as the Joe Rogan show.