Opposition Leader Navalny Poised to Overthrow Vladimir Putin…Psh, Dream On Fake News

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2018

Dressed up in war paint and ready to storm the police barricades

The Western lying press likes to stir up trouble in Russia from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, there are a shitload of problems in Russia. None of them will be solved however by rolling over and doing what ZOG wants them to do.

Enter Alexei Navalny.

I gotta admit, he’s got a very meme-able face…but I detect a hint of gayface as well…

This guy is a darling of the Western media, Russian liberals and some Russian nationalists.

Russia is a strange beast. The opposition is an amalgamation of liberals, nationalists and just pro-Western types. You had the same alliance in Ukraine where a bunch of nationalists ended up allying with the liberals to overthrow Yanukovitch.

In other words, its not really about your take on the economy or nationalism or w/e, its all about whether you are pro or anti-West, pro or anti-Putin. That’s really the only relevant benchmark to go by. Strange, but then everything is opposite day in Russia, even the letter Я.

In terms of Navalny, its mostly the Western media promoting this guy and a bunch of bored, spoiled students getting bullshit humanitarian degrees that support him.


On Sunday, several thousand people throughout Russia protested against the presidential election in March. It is widely expected that the current president, Vladimir Putin, will win for the fourth time. There were hundreds of arrests — some of the rallies, like the ones in the center of Moscow, were not authorized.

The man who called for the protests, Alexei Navalny, is not allowed to run for Russia’s highest office because of his criminal convictions for embezzlement. The 41-year-old is seen as one of the most influential opposition voices in Russia. No one can mobilize the masses, particularly young people, like Navalny can. But his most recent appeal did not prove as successful as the one in March of last year, when some 20,000 people took to the streets to protest against corruption and the current government.

Look, there are more people queued up at the ATM machines during rush hour than there are people going to these Navalny protests.

And like the best anti-corruption campaigners, Navalny has himself been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Now they’re basically just going to not vote in the elections. Such is the state of the Russian opposition…sad!

You will see that many of his fans are the same colored-hair Freak Mafia that we have to deal with in the West. From the video:

This is your typical fat, short, ugly dyke ruining everyone’s day with her political activism

From the article we can glean that at the very least, these guys are good at the cyber – and by that I mean they are good at shitposting on Vkontakte.

But I don’t see any Navalny revolution happening anytime soon.

Russia’s pretty tense now. The elections are in March. As long as they don’t overreact to Navalny by throwing him in the slammer, or macing some dumb kids they can hopefully avoid triggering a humanitarian intervention from Western ZOG in the name of democracy or some bullshit.

Here’s hoping that the Russians don’t do anything stupid.

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  1. Likely chance of Navalny winning is nil!

    I’m glad there are some white nationalist movements in Russia

  2. Russian kids received a shitload of Jewish brainwashing in the 90’s. There was literally degenerate mass sex orgies going on everywhere while people were starving on the streets and got exploited by Kike Oligarchs, and Sexual “Liberation” is a form of political control.

  3. also to add

    He was involved with making this documentary because he is the leader of Anti-Corruption Foundation

    I can understand on their side the Russian government has corruption, but for Britain we have Brian Gerrish of UK Column which exposes government corruption as well.

    This is how the English activists dealt with the corrupt Paki Mayor of London

    And yes he is actually under investigation and the group has sent in more evidence to get him prosecuted.

    Going back to Navalny, the reason why the Jews like him is because they want to get rid of Putin!

  4. “Jews like to turn people against each other and don’t want them to have peace” - Adolf Hitler.

    Jews like to turn white goyim against each other, just like they did with Ukrainian nationalists vs. Russian nationalists in the Ukraine. Those Ukrainian nationalists didn’t even know they were just useful goyim puppets - and liberals/neocons have always been goyim puppets.

    The EU is a communist far-left union, run by jews and goyim puppets. Anything that is pro EU is run by jews.

    Putins anti-EU and anti-globalist approach means he’s aware of the “Juden” EU project and the jewish globalist mafia. Bless him.

  5. AH1933 says:

    This is so Jewy. Putin knows what to do… just like those faggot shits, trying to “westernise” White Russia.

  6. Yawn… this is just a show. Putin is gonna get 65+% of the vote again and he’ll be pres until 2024.

  7. This guys followers look like the Bernie Sanders crowd.

  8. This homosexual thinks he can unseat Vlad The Chad Putin?

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