Oops: CliffyB’s SJW Game Dev Company Closes Its Doors After Embarassing Failures

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2018

As it turns out, making pozzed SJW games isn’t exactly a viable business model. This is why AAA studios have tended to insert their disgusting progressive ideology in well established, highly produced franchises with existing fan bases. That allows them to mitigate the disastrous effect of trying to kike over their own customers.

However, ol’ CliffyB didn’t get the memo.

This guy used to make good games when he was a part of Epic – Unreal, Gears of War, and so on. But then he branched out and founded his own company.

And he got into his head to market his new IPs to SJW commies, instead of the types of gamers who play hardcore PC games.

Uh, yeah, not sure about that Cliff.

As he received more and more backlash, he just kept doubling down.

This… this isn’t going to fly well with the competitive shooter crowd, Cliff…

And, surprising exactly no one (no one with a brain, that is), his big game crashed and burned completely.

I guess no one was interested in your “diverse” cast after all, huh?

The cast for his stupid game was entirely composed of brown people, dyed-haired women and antifa-looking faggots.

In other words, it was a predictable disaster.

And now, his stupid SJW company is shutting down for good.

Games Radar +:

Boss Key Productions, the developer behind competitive first-person shooter LawBreakers and battle royale game Radical Heights, is shutting down. Despite some favorable impressions for LawBreakers and the sense of Radical Heights starting to carve out a niche for itself among the many other battle royale hopefuls, the games simply didn’t make enough money to sustain the studio. Co-founder Cliff Bleszinski (also known as CliffyB) announced the closure on Twitter with a heartfelt note.

That just goes to show you that this Jew commie crap may be popular in the gaming media, but it isn’t palatable to actual gamers.

And that’s the worst thing – CliffyB knew how to make good games. And by all accounts, Boss Key’s games were well made. He just had to poz them up and push them using that angle, turning off his own target demographic.

As he closes down his company, CliffyB shows us some concepts for upcoming projects:

These honestly could have been pretty cool. And you know they’d have been well executed, too.

Cliff basically committed “suicide by virtue signaling.”

These large companies have been making all these shitty pozzed games for nearly a decade now, and they’ve learned what they can get away with, and what they can’t. The AAA publishers know that gamers hate this leftist political crap, and they know it hurts their sales. Being kikes, they still do it, of course, but they know how to mitigate the negative effects to some extent.

Cliff Bleszinsky actually thought he could make full on hardcore games in the likes of Unreal Tournament or Gears of Wars, yet openly market them as SJW-friendly and make mad AAA bucks. He didn’t understand that the political angle wasn’t going to help him, but is actually a huge hindrance.

The small independent studios who make wildly successful games generally stay apolitical, or actually go against political correctness in one way or another.

For example, by setting their game in an all-White, patriarchal and Christian society.

Hopefully this serves as a valuable lesson to other would-be independent developers. Don’t try to out-SJW the AAA studios.

You’re gonna have a bad time.

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