Ontario: Treasonous Teachers’ Union Defends Foolish “White Privilege” Conference

Marcus Cicero
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2014

Perhaps Canada needs a visit from the Ebola-Chan fairy, to stop this call for soft genocide.
Slimy Education Minister Liz Sandals. Perhaps Canada needs a visit from the Ebola-Chan fairy, to stop this call for soft genocide. Who even believes this “White Privilege” nonsense, aside from fanatical Marxists and Jews?

Following multiple cries of indignation from irritated White Canadians, often the descendants of those who built the country in the first place, the Ontario Teachers’ Union has stepped up their support for a conference designed to attack the retarded concept of “White Privilege.”

The Union, which seems to be a Leftist cesspool of the highest magnitude, has courted controversy multiple times in the past, being one of the first groups to support degenerate, homosexual, pervert teachers, as well as championing the right of mentally-ill folks to dress as the opposite sex for some random reason.

As is usual for such foolishness, those in favor of the workshop have little in the way of strong argument, instead reverting to the decades-old shriek of, “muh racism.”

CP 24:

Ontario’s largest teachers’ union is defending its decision to hold a workshop on “white privilege” at an upcoming convention, saying it has never been afraid to tackle controversial issues.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, which has 76,000 members, has a posting on its website looking for presenters for a workshop called “Re-thinking White Privilege.”

“What we’re trying to do is spark a conversation about this and raise awareness and a growing understanding about white privilege,” ETFO president Sam Hammond said Thursday in an interview.

“An example is housing: people of colour feel they are discriminated against, that there is racism in play there when it comes to housing.”

Hammond said as “a white guy in a suit” he’s never been stopped by police for a random check, unlike many men of colour, and he’s usually not challenged by security guards when he enters buildings after office hours.

The planned workshop has triggered a lot of debate, especially on radio and TV talk shows, said Hammond, who likened the controversy to the union’s efforts in the late 1990s to help those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer communities get their rights respected.

“We got a very similar push back to that, but when you look at it now 15 years later, we’re in a very different environment,” he said.

Let us be realistic here, Mr. Hammond. The real reason why your beloved “people of color” are commonly denied housing, is not due to their greasy, soot-like skin, but because of their propensity to transform any new migratory zone into a Third-World, trash-ridden slum.

Few honorable landlords, greedy Jews excluded, wish to have Black or Brown gang members strutting around apartment complexes, while waving their hands around in a manner that resembles Tourettes Syndrome.

The same concept can be used to describe why a non-White monkey in a suit is often stopped and frisked by concerned authorities. Understand the fact that Whites are far less likely to commit crimes than colored folks, Negroes, etc…

This whole facade is going to come crashing down in the near future, and we shall be at the vanguard of this force.

Don't be afraid, Negroes. There are treatments for your advanced twitching disease.
Would you grant housing to these feral apes? Don’t be afraid, Negroes. There are treatments for your advanced twitching disease.

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