Only Functioning Black Guy Says Shooter was “Objectively Racist”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2015

Don Lemon: One of only two Black males who has successfully integrated into White society.
Don Lemon: One of only two Black males who has successfully integrated into White society ever in human history.

Don Lemon is one of only two high-functioning Black males known to exist. The other is the guy from the Matrix, who is also in Hannibal. I forgot his name.

He appeared on Tom Joyner’s radio show to discuss the Vester Flanagan shooting, and said that he definitely killed the pair because they were White.

Fellow employees of WDBJ say Flanagan not only became increasingly difficult to work with but became almost paranoid, obsessed with being a victim of homophobia and/or racism. His former colleagues of all different ethnicities say they never saw any type of discrimination towards Mr. Flanagan, just that he was a bad reporter. Psychologists say Flanagan used racism as a cover for his own shortcomings and in so doing his downfall became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The discussion about Flanagan has mainly centered on mental health and whether Flanagan was mentally ill. The other, lesser discussion, has been whether he was racist. If one looks objectively at Flanagan’s actions and history, one can’t help but come to the conclusion that both are probably true. Flanagan killed the two young people because they were white. He admitted as much. And yes, anyone who does what he did was also out of their mind.

“A Black gay guy was obsessed with being a victim but actually in reality wasn’t a victim, you say? And he hated Whites enough to murder them for their race, you continue? And you, the person saying this, are yourself Black? Hold on a second, please – I have to do something.”


Here’s the clip:


It’s interesting that a Black who is actually capable of functioning in the White world seems to come at things from a completely different angle than those who aren’t capable, no?

I guess part of this is that the Black guy is the only one able to say it in the media.

It’s incredible, this. After what they did with Dylann Roof – 24/7 news coverage for at least a week, internationally – basically the exact same thing happens with the races reversed, and they don’t dare mention the reality of the situation, and are instead trying to memory hole the entire thing.


  1. That is one well behaved n!ggerboy.
    I still don’t trust it.
    Fuck ’em, the buck took a white mans job.

  2. It’s very believable that a savage nigger would perpetrate this cowardly murder on 2 Whites…But the premeditated planning and the use of technology by a nigger is suspect as well as the White girl victim’s father instead of grieving was IMMEDIATELY ALL OVER mass media screaming for “GUN CONTROL” that same day….
    This double nigger murder fits every definition of a classic false flag:
    See this facebook page :

  3. lel @ people believing this shit is even real

  4. Amazingly, Lemon Head does actually get it “right” on rare occasions.

    • Le Happy Merchant $$$

      The goyim will never figure it out.


    • Shlomo Judenberg

      I second this

    • Black Hate Crime Deniers say these killers are ‘fake’ also…

      Black Serial/Mass/Spree Killer List:

      1. Matthew Emanuel Macon (Murdered and Raped 5 White Women in Lansing)
      2. Jimmie Reed (Murdered his wife and his 2 month old daughter and set them on fire)
      3. Shelly Brooks (Murdered 7 prostitutes in Detroit Cass Corridor)
      4. Justin Blackshere (Stabbed two white cooks at Cheli’s Chili downtown Detroit)
      5. Jervon Miguel Coleman (Murdered three people.)
      6. Donell Ramon Johnson (Murdered a mother and a daughter)
      7. Brian Ranard Davis (6 women known murdered)
      8. Paul Durousseau (Seven women)
      9. Mark Goudeau “The Baseline Killer” (Eight women and a man in 2005-2006)
      10. Coral Eugene Watts (11 women in Texas & 1 in Michigan)
      11. Anthony McKnight (Five girls and young women)
      12. Derrick Todd Lee (8 Women)
      13. Charles Lendelle Carter (4 known murders; admits to ‘hunting’ Atlantans for 15 years!)
      14. The Zebra Killings (71 White people)
      15. Chester Turner (L.A.s most prolific killer 12 women killed.)
      16. Lorenzo J. Gilyard (Kansas City, MO.—13 victims)
      17. Eugene Victor Britt (Gary, IN.–3 known murder/rapes.)
      18. Reginald and Jonathan Carr (The Wichita Massacre–6 Whites murdered)
      19. Ray Joseph Dandridge and his uncle, Ricky Gevon Gray (Richmond, VA.–Murdered 7 people in 7 days, including an entire White family.)
      20. The Tinley Park Murderer (Suspect hasn’t been found but has been described as black – murdered 5 women in a store.)
      21. Henry Louis Wallace (Raped and strangled 5 women to death.)
      22. Charles Johnston (Murdered 3 unarmed white men in hospital)
      23. Craig Price (Brutally murdered 3 women)
      24. Harrison Graham (Brually Murdered 3 women)
      25. Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton (Murdered 6 Whites at the Kirkwood, MO. city council. )
      26. & 27. Darnell Hartsfeld & Romeo Pinkerton (Abducted and Murdered 5 from a restaurant)
      28 &29. John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo (Sniped 11 people from a car in DC, 9 died.)
      30. George Russell (3 women, WA state)
      31. Timothy W. Spencer (5 killed, Arlington, VA and Richmond, VA)
      32. Elton M. Jackson (12 gay men killed, Norfolk, VA area)
      33. Carlton Gary (3 killed in Columbus, GA)
      34. Mohammed Adam Omar (16 women, Yemen. Omar is Sudanese.)
      35. Kendall Francois (8 women, Poughkeepsie, NY and surrounding areas.)
      36. Terry A. Blair (8 women, Kansas City area)
      37. Wayne Williams (33 many of them children!, Atlanta, GA)
      38. Vaughn Greenwood (11 killed in LA)
      39. Andre Crawford (10 killed in Chicago – southside)
      40. Calvin Jackson (9 killed possibley more in NY)
      41. Gregory Klepper (killed 8, Chicago – southside)
      42. Alton Coleman (Killed 8 in the Midwest)
      43. Harrison Graham (killed 7+ in N. Philadelphia)
      44. Cleophus Prince (6 killed in, San Diego
      45. Robert Rozier (7 killed in, Miami)
      46. Maurice Byrd (killed 20 + in St. Louis)
      47. Maury Travis (17 and rising, St. Louis and possibly also Atlanta)
      48. Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (killed 20+ in Florida)
      49. Lorenzo Fayne (killed 5 children in East St. Louis, IL)
      50. Paul Durousseau, (killed 6, two of which were pregnant women, Jacksonville, FL; Georgia.)
      51. Eddie Lee Mosley (killed 25 to 30 women, south Florida)
      52. Henry Lee Jones (killed 4 in, south Florida; Bartlett, TN)
      53. Richard “Babyface” Jameswhite (15 killed in, New York; Georgia.)
      54. Donald E. Younge, Jr. (killed 4), East St. Louis, IL; Salt Lake City, UT.
      55. Ivan Hill (killed 6 in Los Angeles area).
      56. Michael Vernon (Bronx, NY. Killed at least seven people – )
      57. Chester Dewayne Turner (12 women killed in, Los Angeles)

      • Donald Trumpovitz

        dont know about all of those, but this is one i am sure of

      • Neocon Smasher, thanks for the list.
        another addition to the list would be:
        58. Letalvis D. Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, George Thomas, Vanessa Coleman, and Eric Dewayne Boyd (Torture, Rape and Murder of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom in 2007)

        Most of these murders (in the list) were not reported by the Main Stream Media, or covered very little, and some like the “Wichita Massacre” had no coverage Nationally or experienced a “Media Brownout” on reporting these Crimes of Hate against Whites by the ZOG media.

        This latest “WDBJ Reporter Shooting” has the Father of the female reporter immediately calling for Gun Control…so he gets immediate coverage and speaks with the Governor personally.
        The jury is still out on MY verdict of this …
        initially I saw a 9/11 style “shock and awe” shooting on live TV and thought ISIS was killing reporters in Amerika now.
        info came out hours later that it was the Black Homosexual.
        The MSM is not calling for an end to Black on White Violence…instead they are mentioning Gun Control ….again.
        Rupert Jewdock and his fellow Jewy Jewsteen Network bosses from CNN, MSNBC, etc. will continue the Anti-Gun propaganda over this Anti-White attack.
        The Main Stream Media’s coverage of a killing is a good indicator of finding out ZOG’s motive when exploiting a crisis or creating a crisis.

  5. CelticNationalist

    A high functioning black, if taught the logic of the white man, can openly see the Jewish scandal that perpetuates race wars in all corners of the white Western world. The Jew is the true enemy to all races, tugging the leash of those who have fallen victim to the kosher virus.

  6. Full-scale war between white nationalists and Jews going on right now on Breitbart. Join the fight in the comments section!

  7. Lemon himself is a liberal fag so I would not hold his opinions in high regard. What matters here is that the media cannot deny Flanagan’s manifesto. Tom Joyner was going down the road of “discrimination” but because wrote down his intentions it cannot be denied that this killing was racially motivated and that Flanagan was himself a racist.

    Flanagan’s perspectives were predetermines by Cultural Marxism that thoroughly dominates the mindset of the Black community.

  8. Anyone who wants to stand up for white nationalists and Trump against the anti-white Jews on Breitbart comments this is running right now:

    • For some reason, many sites with lots of ads cause my discus to run so slowly that I can’t really post anythig, too frustrating and time consuming.
      Finally got something written, and they held it, since I used the eff word.
      Or maybe the word “Hitler.”
      Fuck Breitbart. The website, not the man.

  9. He may be high functioning, but he’s also a poofder.

  10. He’s half cast,or mixed race as the jew likes to call it.

  11. A handful of blacks are actually coming out and saying it, they deserve credit where it’s due.

    It’s Jews who are mum or lying about it across the board. The real black agenda is/ought to be Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X, the Jewish agenda that uses blacks as pawns is Joel Spingarn’s NAACP and the Jew York Times.

  12. TestosteroneReactionary

    Don has a white father like Bob Marley did. Ben Carson has dozens of white ancestors. I could go on and on. The half-adequate “blacks” in question tend to be whiter than they are black, genetically speaking. The same applies aesthetically for “attractive black women” like Isha Sesay.

  13. Apparently the White skull and facial bone phenotype and “light behind the eyes” plays out in a few blacks which is associated with conscience and intellect; about 8% I’d say have any hope of assimilation. The “dead eyed” ones are absolutely hopeless.

  14. The lies of equality and blaming whites by Jewniversities and the media is what caused this. If they were told the truth – that they are the least intelligent of all races, and they can’t blame whites for it, most would find another lie to tell themselves.

    Thanks Don Lemon for telling the truth that blacks not only prefer not to hear, but that the Jews media refuses to tell.

  15. Speaking of destroying stereotypes- even that stereotypes aren’t valid…

  16. He said that because he’s allowed to,he’s black. If he’d have been white,all the libjewlgbtqwerty media would have exploded,cuz duh,he’s a raycisssssssss not-see

  17. His Name is YHVH

    Fake shooting, confirmed false flag, or technically, confirmed Wag the Dog. Are you wagging?

    French train Moroccan shooter also a wag-the-dog.

    If you have not watched the rather telling movie Wag the Dog, and consider yourself a serious White Nationalist who is trying to educate and wake up others, which starts with further educating and waking up oneself, might I suggest you consider as part of your education and awakening, to watch the movie Wag the Dog.
    Here, I’ve made it easy for the one-click-junkies.

    And when you’re done with that, perhaps you should also watch The Boys from Brazil.

    They, the jews, have been doing this since the very beginning, the consummate actor and deceiver. As early as 1938, the Jews were doing Wag the Dog experiments, for example the 1938 War of Worlds radio show/panic/hoax. It was none of these things. It was an experiment, and its results were conclusive: the public will believe an act if it is delivered with force.

    From jewpedia:

    “The War of the Worlds” is an episode of the American radio drama anthology series The Mercury Theatre on the Air. It was performed as a Halloween episode of the series on October 30, 1938, and aired over the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. Directed and narrated by actor and future filmmaker Orson Welles, the episode was an adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds (1898). It became famous for allegedly causing mass panic, although the reality of this mass panic is ***disputed*** as the program had relatively few listeners.[3]”

    Disputed. Right. That is jew snake tongue speak and obfuscation.

    Might I point out for my less symbol-literate brothers that this show was aired over COLUMBIA broadcasting system, and on Halloween no less. Where have we heard that name before? Washington district of COLUMBIA. Christopher COLUMBUS (yes, he was a jew). COLUMBINE high school jew shooting of Christ-sons and daughters. COLUMBIA pictures with its Semiramis slave queen logo right in plain sight. It’s not the statue of ‘liberty’, stupid, if it the antithesis of that, and “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”! It is a bit late in the game folks, it is time to “be wise as serpents, gentle as doves”. For those who didn’t know, Columbia is old Spanish for “dove”. There’s more to it, but I don’t want to explode your brains for now.

    Tell all the Truth but tell it slant —
    Success in Circuit lies
    Too bright for our infirm Delight
    The Truth’s superb surprise

    As Lightning to the Children eased
    With explanation kind
    The Truth must dazzle gradually
    Or every man be blind —

    From the National Geographic:

    “Thousands of people, believing they were under attack by Martians, flooded newspaper offices and radio and police stations with calls, asking how to flee their city or how they should protect themselves from “gas raids.” Scores of adults reportedly required medical treatment for shock and hysteria.

    The hoax worked, historians say, because the broadcast authentically simulated how radio worked in an emergency.

    “Audiences heard their regularly scheduled broadcast interrupted by breaking news,” said Michele Hilmes, a communications professor at University of Wisconsin in Madison and author of Radio Voices: American Broadcasting, 1922-1952.”

    Stations then cut to a live reporter on the scene of the invasion in New Jersey. “By the end of the first half of the program, the radio studios themselves were under attack,” Hilmes said.”

    I repeat. The War of Worlds radio show was not a prank or a hoax, it was a carefully delivered social sciences experiment. And they have been doing it, ever since.

    Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam war, 911 WTC, Iraq War, restarting the opium fields and heroine trade in Afghanistan which the Taliban had shut down completely, arming boogey man cat’s paw patsies such as today’s ISIS Israel-Secret-Inelligence-Service, cassus belli, murdering eye witness whistle blowers such as Pat Tillman, the fake batman cinema non-shooting, the SandyHook non-shooting, the Boston marathon actors, hello, am I the only one who can see it? They want your guns stupid, and they will continue to stage acting scenes to manipulate your pwetty warm and fuzzy feelings to make you sniffle and surrender your guns.

    All of these are controlled trauma and manipulation. Some of them involve real explosives and sacrificial victims, such as 911 and 77. Then there’s that metro incident in Spain, and another in Tokyo.

    The point is to manipulate and engineer your consent.

    A carriage driver shows the horse the whip. A cattle herdsman shows the cattle a stick, a shepherd shows the sheep his staff. And the jews show the goyim “cattle” the news, oh, such as CNN, read Canaan without the vowels.

    They mark everything they own, but can you see it.


      • This guy has been spewing the “crisis actor” thing all over, but the thing is…the agenda is always the same …disarm the goyim. That should be the only focus.

        • Shlomo Judenberg

          No, they also want to start a race war. They can enact martial law easily if there are racially motivated murders happening on both sides.

          • They’re more overt than that now. They simply want to take your guns.
            You can’t go full Bolshevik against an armed populace.
            Does anyone still doubt that they want to do exactly that?
            With every crisis, they will push the window until you are disarmed.
            Then current events will be tame in comparison to what happens next when whites are disarmed to “fix” black gun crime.

    • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

      Holy shit dude. What is this your 9th alt. SN Alex? How many times you going to keep posting the same shit here. When are you going to put the Dr. Duke Debate back up on Inforwars unedited? When Alex? When’s it going to be?

  18. I know quite a few high IQ blacks that wish they were white. Of course, they have a lot of European DNA.

  19. Just another excuse for the J-media and the chosen ones to remove guns from white folks and then they will have complete control, Gulags and great suffering for white folks.

  20. Melvin Polatnick

    Blacks or Jews are not the #1 danger to the US, it is the Spics. There are 75 million of them and they speak Spanish 95% of the time. They are Indians and half-breeds that will not or do not care to assimilate. Trump hires blacks and never hired Gringo hating Spics.

  21. “Don Lemon is one of only two high-functioning Black males known to exist. The other is the guy from the Matrix, who is also in Hannibal. I forgot his name.”

    Matrix Black male’s daughter started doing porno so I’m sure he is fairly jew aware by now too.

    Also there is also the Black from “24” who more recently stars in “Dark Matter”

    I believe that he functions in a White society without typical negro failure. I can’t think of any others.

  22. Blacks do not know that they have the same enemy as Whites. They are just easier bought off and like the monkey who graps the banana in the box they cannot let go of their banana.

    Personally I prefer all Blacks act like niggers, makes it easier. Now I have to distinguish between decent Blacks and Niggers and I have to ask first ‘is he good or is he bad one’ (by default they are bad)

    I personally know also a ‘good one’, Vietnam Vet, Lions member (bad club, founded by Rockefeller or so) and does a lot of work for the little village. But he is like a canary in a coalmine.

    • If they look like this man in photo above, they’re probably good. I have never seen one who had his features act like a thug. You can tell much by looks and intuition based on it.

      • Yeah physiognamy is definitely a real science. But they won’t research it because the results would so obviously be racist.

        • off topic; Andrew check this out-

          This could be an answer to the problem of our low birth rate. These men are going straight white pride/survival right out the gate with the ladies and they are eating it up. I think this is a might be a good lesson for us all. Women in their deep mind want their genes to survive and thrive, and we know that regardless of all the shitlib poopy talk that women really like bold fascist lion when it comes to mating.

  23. East Asian Nationalist Front

    At this point, anyone who still defines racism as “power+prejudice” should not be taken seriously.

  24. On The Sixth Day:
    God said, “Let us make man in our Image according to our likeness and God created man in His own image”.

    On The Seventh Day:
    God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.

    On The Eighth Day:
    God realized due to 6th day fatigue that he neglected to add the complete ‘image,intelligence and likeness’ component to his Negro element while making all of man’s races. Once realizing his mistake he decided to call the negro ‘Original Sin’.

  25. Allison Parker used phrases like “swinging by” and ” going out into the field” that were perceived as offensive by the killer. ????WTF????

  26. Another example of blacks unable to cope with the cognitive dissonance resulting from failure to achieve the same standards as Whites. If this pillow biter had been told the truth from a young age, that he would never be able to compete with humans due to his niggardly genetics, this never would have happened. He got it into his head that he was equal to humans in ability, and couldn’t reconcile himself to the reality that his shortcomings were latent in his DNA, so the only conclusion he can accept is to project his failure onto an outside oppressor. The equality of Diversity drives non-humans criminally insane.

  27. “Don Lemon is one of only two high-functioning Black males known to exist.”
    ROFL Great satirical opening line!

  28. This Don Lemon is also the only left wing interviewer who did not interrupt and antagonize Trump, but actually let him speak and asked normal questions.

    • East Asian Nationalist Front

      TBH it’s not because Don Lemon is high functioning, it’s because he’s kind of dumb. He’s a male bimbo. He says things that piss off the black community because he’s too short-sighted to consider the consequences.

    • Yeah, Lemon may be a gay p.c. liberal but he at least has some manners and class.

      Unlike that hateful anti-white piece of garbage Jorge Ramos.

  29. What the trial will look like

  30. What the trial will look like

  31. Don is also a Fag. He has no business reporting news to any society, just like Anderson Cooper.

  32. Look at that face: the eyes, the nasal bridge, the aquiline nose. He’s not ‘black.’ He’s got some ‘mighty white’ in his genetics…. which has given him a superior brain, able to analyze… in this instance.

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